Monday, March 31, 2008

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Time to weed out such people from Barisan Rakyat.

Sivasubramaniam: 'I cannot accept the decision made by the Perak DAP'

Buntong assemblyman "My victory in Buntong was a mandate given by the Indian community in the area" quits DAP.

Question: You mean to say you only want to serve the Indian community in Buntong??

Well, good riddance!!!

Update @ 8:07pm :
"Perak DAP rep retracts resignation letter"

Lots of people called him a snake, but I think he is a "sook tau wu kuai" (meaning: turtle retracting back his head into the shell).


Thursday, March 27, 2008

A public disgrace called UMNO

Are we all gonna sit back and allow those UMNO sore losers to cause chaos in our country?

They are making a spectacle of themselves. The internal bickering and calls for their own president to step down as Prime Minister - what a shamble!! All those public demonstrations in Penang, Selangor, Perak and Terengganu - what does it say about UMNO?

And now, they are even making a mockery of the Rukunegara. Di manakah kesetiaan mereka kepada Raja dan Negara?

And to MCA, MIC, Gerakan and all the other component parties in Sabah & Sarawak, is this the kind of leadership you guys kow-tow to?

You people are just content to watch from the sidelines while UMNO goes on a rampage.

Shame on you if peace and stability in this country is destroyed because no one dares to stop all this nonsense!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To Minister of Education

I confess I was VERY disappointed when Hishamuddin was re-appointed as the Minister of Education.

Other than being infamous for waving a keris and bringing disrepute to the ministry, what other contributions has he made to the education system?

Look, primary school kids are still carrying 10kg loads to school each day. Physical education is not about working up a sweat but instead becomes a classroom subject conducted under the spinning fan. Students are still gunning for the maximum number of A's in public exams. Morality lessons is reduced to rote learning, again for the purpose of scoring an 'A'.

Worse of all, you still read about students subconsciously divided into "Muslims" and "non-Muslims" camp in national schools and institutions of higher learning.

The sad thing is, our Minister of Education remain oblivious or worse, perhaps he couldn't care less?

I want to highlight this letter published in The Star today which appeals to the Ministry to look at one of the root causes of disintegration and disunity within our society.

The writer, Dr Mohd Dewa has bravely highlighted an issue which many would agree but due to reasons well understood, the non-Muslims especially will not express publicly due to fears of incurring the wrath of certain sections of the Muslim community who would be quick to politicize the issue.

And because we fear the few extremists in our midst that we have allowed the system to continue to rot.

I challenge non-UMNO coalition members of the Barisan Nasional to pressure the government and right the #1 problem in national schools today and one of the main reasons for the rejection of it by many non-Muslim parents.

It is time to put an end to the "divide and rule" policies of national schools.

Our Education Ministry has allowed schools to be breeding grounds for racial and religious intolerance. And so far, no one has the guts to stop this nonsense once and for all.

The way to integration

NATIONAL integration is an on-off precept that is piped about by self-interested politicians of any genre to serve a purpose at that particular time. This may not be entirely true but this issue does emphasise the fact that we are a multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation.

Achieving national integration is an ongoing process that is important and essential to our nation’s survival and very existence. To bring the people of various races and religions to understand each other is an arduous task akin to nation building in our context.

And this task begins first when our children enter the educational stream. It begins from tadika (kindergarten) to primary and then secondary school.

Let us be honest with ourselves.

Our children are not born into any religion. They only belong to the religion of which their parents are members of. There is no such entity as a Christian child, a Muslim child, a Hindu child or a Buddhist child. She or he is a child of Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Buddhist parents. They are too young to decide for themselves who they want to be. Aren’t we being extremely harsh by imposing on them our proclivities, our religion, instead of teaching them universal values and letting them decide for themselves who they want to be when they are of age at 18 years?

And there are many among us who chose to emphasise the form of religion more than the substance, even for toddlers. In this context I would like to bring to your kind attention our Muslim children who are being “forced” to wear the headscarf (tudung) by the little Napoleons in the schools, the ustads and ustaaza.

Although Parliament has made it necessary to emphasise that the wearing of the headscarf is voluntary, these over-zealous Napoleons have taken it upon themselves the right to reprimand those who do not follow.

There is no necessity for our children to be burdened with the headscarf in this hot, humid climate of ours. Let them make their own choice at the right time. Children should be left to grow and develop at their own pace, not bridled down from kindergarten with a headscarf that is sure to stifle their potential.

There are health problems associated with the early and premature use of the headscarf, in particular ear problems, which if neglected, can result in loss of hearing.

Let us be honest and truthful to ourselves. National integration begins from young. Our children need to have a uniformity, a common uniform like in the early fifties, sixties and seventies, not uniforms that differentiate them from each other. That is a recipe for disaster.

The national service is a commendable achievement by the Government to instil understanding, cooperation and tolerance. But is it not a little too late? The best way to inculcate and initiate national integration is to do away with the headscarf in all our schools until 11 years of education have been achieved. This way our children grow together in an atmosphere of togetherness. Then our children would have learnt to appreciate each other of whatever ethnicity because they wore the same uniform!

Malaysia will become once again an integrated society wherein the term racial polarisation would be non-existent. There will not be any distinction from one to the other because of “form.”

It is truly sad to see our children being segregated, in form, under the pretence of religious fervour.

Taman Langkap.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Damn big balls

Gambar ehsan TV3 dan NTV7

Active Image

Active Image

Was there really an intention to insult His Majesty as alleged? I mean aside from openly embarrassing the Sultan of Terengganu like that. That is an insult, isn't it?

And what is "Natang" by the way? Some interpreted it as a short form for "Binatang", meaning Beast. Is that true?

Wahlaueh!! I want to know who is the person behind this. He may not have much brains but he sure has real big balls to do that. And feeling confident that he can get away with it, obviously. Pak Lah sure can't beat this guy!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

What the hell?!!

If he thinks public dissatisfaction with healthcare services provided by the government is all down to the amount of time one spent waiting in line, he is indeed one hell of a clueless minister!

From the NaSTy paper today:-

... Datuk Liow Tiong Lai says he will turn what was dubbed the "Ministry of Hell" by his predecessors into a ministry of "love and compassion". (blah blah blah) He said he would focus on improving the efficiency of health services, such as reducing the waiting time at hospitals to 30 minutes from the present 45 minutes. (more blahs ...)

From the MCA mouthpiece today:-

... The Ministry of Health has a reputation of being the “Ministry of Hell,” with several capable ministers coming unstuck. However, newly-appointed Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai would rather it be known as the “Heal-thy Ministry.” “We are all very 'heal-thy' here so I don’t see the ministry that way. We are very compassionate in that we save lives and we care for the people’s health,” he told reporters after former acting Health Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting handed over his duties yesterday. ...


I think this is something the staff from Klinik Ibu Mengandung dan Kanak-Kanak Metro Prima DBKL sorely lacks.

Reported in the Streets section of NaSTy paper today under the headline "No Baby, No Cure - Mothers must show their babies before queue numbers are given at city-run clinic" by Teoh El Sen:-

EARLY in the morning on Tuesday and Wednesday, a long line of women, some pregnant or carrying babies, wait at the door of the government clinic at the Metro Prima commercial centre in Kepong.

Some come as early as 4am to get to the head of the queue.

But the long wait is not their complaint. It is the attitude of some of the nurses.

“Yesterday (Tuesday), they did not allow me to take a queue number as I was not carrying my baby” said 24-year-old Fong Sok Kuan, a salesgirl.

She said it was difficult to bring babies out so early in the morning and they usually queued up for the numbers before bringing their children to the clinic.

“Some women were forced to go home to carry their babies here yesterday.”

Patients were also confused as the clinic had since March 1 started opening on Tuesdays for babies only and Wednesdays for pregnant women. Previously, pregnant women and babies could both be seen on Wednesdays.

Fong said last week she was unaware of the change and was only told to leave after she had waited for at least four hours.

“We were even told that we were stupid for not being able to read the notice they had put up,” she said.

Chin Mei Fang, 39, a housewife, said: “Many of us are poor and uneducated, that’s why we come to the government clinic.

“I don’t know why we were blamed for not being able to read the notice or that we had to be holding our babies to take the numbers” she said.

She said Klinik Ibu Mengandung dan Kanak-kanak Metro Prima DBKL, should be more understanding.

“Once, my husband cycled in the rain with our seven year-old daughter seated at the rear, holding an umbrella, to bring our 14-month baby to me.”

Another patient, 26-year-old Cheong Moi Yoong, said the clinic had very limited staff, who were often very unhelpful.

“There was once when we waited until 9am and were all told to go home without any explanation,” she said.

Compassion? More like arrogance and indifference. But then again, these are government servants, right? People go through hell each day trying to deal with them.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pak Lah the new "close-one-eye"

Remember what happened to those folks who participated in peaceful demonstrations before March 8? Some of them are still locked-up. Many got drenched with chemical-laced water and tear-gassed. I believe some got whacked with batons as well. In the end, they took the PM's advice and voiced their anger through the ballot boxes.

After March 8, re-elected Prime Minister Pak Lah seems to adopt a highly tolerant approach towards public demonstrations and seditious utterings. All done by his party members in the name of protecting "NEP and Malay rights". They were spared the drenching, the gassing and the whacking.

Pak Lah is not only closing one eye on this matter, he probably thinks it is "semua ok" to close both ears as well.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

UMNO in numbers game

The new cabinet reveals very interesting distribution of seats (power!!) among BN component parties:-

UMNO 22 ministers + 16 deputies = 38
MCA 4m + 6d = 10
PBB 1m + 3d = 4
MIC 1m + 2d = 3
SUPP 1m + 2d = 3
PBS 1m
Gerakan 2d
PRS 2d
LDP 1d
Outsider 1m

And do you think Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen really got a promotion when she was made the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development as hailed by the MCA?

After you consider Datuk Seri Shahrizat's appointment as Special Adviser to the PM for Women and Social Development Affairs with ministerial status, that is.

If you look at the numbers above, it is a crying shame the way UMNO is given so much "face" by their so-called "partners" in Barisan Nasional, in spite of all their leadership failures.

Menyampah betul!!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pak Lah is full of surprises

The Chinese would say, "harm yue farn sang"!! (English translation: Salted fish brought back to life. Malay translation: Ikan masin hidup semula.)

Admit it, none of us thought Mike Tyson would come back and haunt us as the Minister of Rural and Regional Development, right?

This one really takes the attention away from the keris-wielding Minister of Education who perhaps will now consider waving a footlong sausage if he felt a sudden urge to get into the front page of the MSM.


Monday, March 17, 2008

The beauty and the beasts of GE2008

From the whole bunch of sore-losers in Barisan Nasional, only one person appeared to come out of the sorry mess smelling like roses.

And Koh Tsu Koon deserves to be respected for his examplary behaviour in the aftermath of what happened on March 8.

Unlike elsewhere where offices are emptied and documents shredded or carted away. Not to mention covert attempts to create disturbances and fear-mongering.

As they say, adversity sometimes brings out the best in men. At worst, it brings out the beast in them.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jom Ubah - Dari Perspektif Seorang Melayu

I confess I didn't ask permission to reproduce this reader's response to Lim Kit Siang's blog entry titled "Time to move on into the unchartered political waters" today so if anyone thinks I ought to remove this post, just let me know in the comments section.

I want to share what musyu99 wrote in Bahasa Malaysia. Please take a moment to read his heartfelt plea:-


Sekali lagi saya ingin beritahu, saya berbangsa Melayu dan beragama Islam. Minta maaf kerana saya kurang pandai untuk menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris. Walaubagaimanapun saya akan belajar menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris kelak.

Sebelum PRU12 rata-rata orang Melayu mengatakan DAP adalah parti untuk kaum China jika dipandang dari segi corak politiknya dan sokongan. Manakala PAS pula memperjuangkan Islam dan PKR dituduh sebagai panting untuk seorang individu.

Memandangkan majoriti rakyat sudah jelek dengan kepimpinan BN, jadi mereka telah bertekad untuk mengundi parti DAP/PKR/PAS tanpa memperdulikan ideologi parti berkenaan asalkan BN dikalahkan dan di ajar secukupnya. Rata-rata rakyat ini adalah dari kalangan pelbagai kaum yang mengundi parti alternatif bagi menafikan majoriti kepada BN. Jadi, adakah YB berasa kemenangan besar DAP/PKR/PAS ini adalah kerana kredibiliti dan merit masing-masing? Sudah pasti jawapannya tidak.

Sokongan bonus kepada pakatan ini adalah disebabkan kepincangan dari parti BN dan kelemahan pucuk pimpinannya dan rakyat membuat keputusan nekad untuk mengundi parti pakatan ini. PRU12 ini telah mengubah corak politik negara dan sudah pastinya DAP/PKR/PAS perlu juga meroboh mengikut arus semasa. Dengan slogan DAP: JOM UBAH! Oleh itu DAP perlu berubah bagi membela nasib rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira kaum dan agama. Begitu juga PAS dan PKR.

DAP/PKR/PAS perlu menjelaskan kepada ahli-ahli mereka betapa perlunya untuk mendapat sokongan rakyat dari berbagai kaum dan agama. Bukan sekadar seronok dan bangga untuk melihat kejatuhan BN. Perjuangan politik adalah bertujuan untuk semua rakyat Malaysia. Yang sudi mendengar rintihan rakyat. Yang sanggup duduk semeja dengan parti yang mempunyai ideologi lain berbincang, bermuafakat bagi kesejahteraan rakyat. Kita perlu ubah suasana politik perkauman dan eksterimis. JOM UBAH!

Alangkah bangganya sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang berbagai kaum kita dapat hidup dalam keadaan harmoni dan hormat-menghormati antara satu sama lain tanpa sebarang perasaan prejudis. Dalam para terakhir artikel YB ... “It is time to move on into the new uncharted Malaysian political waters”... Angin perubahan telah dapat dilihat di negara ini dan kemahuan rakyat seluruhnya dapat dirasai. Terima kasih kerana YB dan penyokong DAP dapat menerima angin perubahan ini. Kita faham ini akan memakan sedikit masa untuk menjelaskan kepada akar umbi. Namun realitinya jika persefahaman dibentuk, pakatan ini akan dapat terus maju untuk membentuk satu bangsa Malaysia.

Perlu diingat bahawa pihak lawan sentiasa mencari peluang untuk melemahkan pakatan ini. Perkara-perkara kecil sekalipun boleh di ulas menjadi besar seolah-olah pakatan ini gagal. Sebagai penyokong kepada pakatan ini, saya yakin pemimpin-pemimpin PKR/DAP/PAS akan dapat bersatu hati menyelesaikan masalah yang timbul secara bersama dengan lebih bijak. Akhir kata ... JOM UBAH!!!!

Saya setuju!!!

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Horray! A Deputy PM from East Malaysia

I read this very interesting blog entry by Ranger and I think every Sabah and Sarawakian MP should have a look at this.

Personally, I think they are as much (if not more!) 2nd class citizens as the non-Malays in Peninsular Malaysia under BN rule.

They can do themselves a favour and resolve UMNO's quarelling over Pak Lah's position as PM. They can also do all of us a great favour by putting an end to attempts by certain UMNO quarters to create racial disturbances as seen in Penang.

All they need to do is pick up the phone and call Anwar.


Letting Go

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Ong Ka Ting
Samy Vellu
Mahathir Mohamad
Lim Kit Siang
Lim Keng Yaik
Chua Jui Meng

all have one thing in common. They need to learn how to let go ...

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Don't call him a racist

Be fair.

He never demanded that a DAP Chinese candidate be made the MB of Perak.

He never said that he will not support a Malay Muslim to be made the MB of Perak.

All he did was voice his personal opinion that the post should not have gone to a PAS assemblyman. And for that he was subjected to all kinds of name-calling, the most undeserved being labelled a Racist.

Is this fair?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Be brave, be wise

The losers are going all out to create a rift among the winners by playing the race card to the hilt.

Even the Sultan of Perak's prerogative is being threatened by this game of communal politics.

But haven't the electorate spoken loud and clear that we are all ready for CHANGE? If the voters can be so brave, why shrink from taking the lead and doing away with old practices?

The last thing I expect is for the leaders in Barisan Rakyat to agree that we are not ready for it.

That is like telling us that it is gonna be same ol' same ol' for the next 5 years, isn't it?


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's the Keris, Stupid!

Look who's talking today?

BN must get rid of denial syndrome: Hishammuddin
By : K. Harinderan


Barisan Nasional has to rid itself of the denial syndrome and accept the people’s choice in the election, Umno Youth head Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said today. He said the BN should now work harder to meet the needs of the people.

“MPs must now look at their self worth and effectiveness as this is critical in serving the public better in light of the election results,” he added.

Hishamuddin, the MP for Sembrong and the Education Minister in the previous Cabinet, was speaking to reporters after launching the ICT Conference and Exhibition 2008.

Maybe he needs to keep this framed picture on his desk as a daily reminder:-

Jangan MUDAH LUPA!!!


Monday, March 10, 2008

New broom, old ways

I believe non-Muslims who have contributed so much to the success of the opposition coalition in the recent general election is not amused by PAS president's warning.

Talking about banning liquor, negative entertainment which goes against Islamic teachings ala PAS doctrine and hudud criminal procedure code is like pouring a bucket of ice-cold water on the heads of the voters.

And then, we read about demands for Hindraf legal adviser M. Manoharan to be made Deputy CM of Selangor. Similarly, independant candidate V. Arumugam who won the Bukit Selambau state seat in Kedah was also reported to demand for a state exco seat in exchange for him joining the PKR.

Even the internal bickering among DAP politicians is starting to rear its ugly head.

Same ol' same ol', isn't it?

Looks like we got a new broom but it is just shifting the dust around.


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Time to proof Barisan Rakyat BOLEH!

I guess the analogy that the fish rots from the head really jives with voters this time around.

And look how many heads rolled!!

Isn't it exciting that Malaysian voters have finally matured to this level of daring to take a chance to have their voices heard loud and clear? I'm so moved by this brave display of a cry for change.

And the only reason why people want to change is because the old ways are no longer acceptable. It is not about UMNO, MCA, MIC, DAP, PKR, PAS or whatever. It is about what you and me have to deal with each day when we try to get things done or just to go about our business to make an honest living.

I really don't care if the cat is black, brown, white or grey. All I want is a cat that can do what a cat is supposed to do. And I'm sure most of you feel the same way.

Whoever is in charge, just do a good job and repay the people's trust.

That's the least they can do for the good of this blessed country.


Friday, March 07, 2008

Election colours

I am thinking of what to wear tomorrow.


I have waited too long for this moment to have MY say. I hope others will have the courage to do the same.

Let us all join hands to put an end to all the Napoleons big and small who have sown so much distrust and hatred by their arrogance and racist attitudes.

It is time we look at each other with kindness and learn to trust each other as Malaysians.

It is time to heal the Nation by cutting out the rot.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Hiccup

I'm sorry for the abrupt silence and not updating you all on what happened to me during my unexpected absence from the blogosphere.

I'm fine - thank you very much for your concerns and e-mails enquiring about my well-being. I haven't been checking my mails or even logging on for quite some time due to various reasons which I'm too tired to detail here for the moment.

Suffice to say, I miss being an active participant of the blogging community especially during these exciting times ahead of this Saturday's defining moment.

I hope to be back soon. I just don't know when right now. But I guess it really doesn't matter, does it?

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