Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pak Lah the new "close-one-eye"

Remember what happened to those folks who participated in peaceful demonstrations before March 8? Some of them are still locked-up. Many got drenched with chemical-laced water and tear-gassed. I believe some got whacked with batons as well. In the end, they took the PM's advice and voiced their anger through the ballot boxes.

After March 8, re-elected Prime Minister Pak Lah seems to adopt a highly tolerant approach towards public demonstrations and seditious utterings. All done by his party members in the name of protecting "NEP and Malay rights". They were spared the drenching, the gassing and the whacking.

Pak Lah is not only closing one eye on this matter, he probably thinks it is "semua ok" to close both ears as well.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to have some sympathy on him, after seeing how he was treated by the defeat after the GE 12th.

But right now, seeing again how he is showing his arroganceness, all I can say......KU LI, or the B.A, PLEASE REMOVE THIS f***** ASAP. We dont need him anymore who not only left eye, but after the GE, closing the right eye even.

20/3/08 19:13  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

It is a fact that what UMNO did is always acceptable; and what others did, ISA and Kamunting is the destination. This is Malaysia.

20/3/08 21:07  

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