Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Control tower

UNDER CONTROL?? Betul ke ni?

MUST BE CONTROLLED!!! Ooohh ... jangan main-main!!

OUT OF CONTROL!! Shhhh .... tutup semua mata!

Apa saya peduli?



Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lovely Tuesday

(Hands behind his back) "I have a present for you."
"Ooohh ... let's have a look. Wah, very nice."
"This is pretty mama."
"Are you sure that's mama? Mama's hair not like that lah!"
"I tied your hair mah!" (Giggles hysterically)
"What's that mama's wearing? A birthday cake?"
(Hoots with laughter) "This is a party dress."
"Looks delicious. Like icing on a cake. It's very colourful."
"See the yellow shoes? Nice or not?"
"Very nice, darling. What's that on top of my head?"
"It's an angel thing."
"With wings?"
"Yes. You're my angel mama. I love you mummy."
"I know darling. And I love the big purple heart. Come here sweetie."
*Hugs* *Hugs*
"I love you too. And thank you for your pretty picture. You made me feel pretty and happy."
"I love you." (Eyes shining brightly, he skipped off with a happy grin on his face.)

Outside the window, the rain continue to drizzle.
But a song and dance filled my heart,
for simple happiness such as this
that lifts my soul
beyond this sincere innocent gesture
offered by a loving boy.

What a beautiful world!


Monday, August 27, 2007

Apa saya peduli? Merdeka!

I can't belief he actually said this (as reported in The SUN today at page 2):-

"It's NOT MY NATURE TO INTERFERE in such matters. What is required is JUSTICE."
(My emphasis in BOLD.)

So the hue and cry over the case of THAT UMNO guy bold enough to snub HRH The Sultan of Selangor is now CLOSED? Semua OK?


Frankly, I'd expect someone to be mighty pissed-off by the whole shameful episode. These days, the little and big napoleons are more powerful than kings and emperors.

And of course, he who-need-not-be-named is celebrating MERDEKA in the very real sense of the word.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

The new Malay dilemma

A quote to behold:-

"... a Prince Charming beside a toad will never lose his regal bearing. A toad beside a prince however, will make its warts all the more revolting to behold, and its croaking unbearably grating."

M. Bakri Musa and Din Merican in "What has Oxford done?" (Malaysia Today, 20 Aug 2007)


If only the toad is not a real threat to us all ...


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