Sunday, June 29, 2008

An amazing old tale

Do you really believe in this?

Someone commented in kaytee's blogpost on this subject matter:-

malayamuda said ...

a 23 yr old strong youth was sodomised by a 62 yr old man ?

u must be kidding .......... fabricate story pun tak tahu .... bodoh punye UMNO

12:26 PM, June 29, 2008

Exactly my sentiments.

This 62 year old man has been running all over the place trying to convince enough Barisan MPs to cross over to Pakatan Rakyat.

Are we to believe that he still has enough strength at the end of a tiring day to wrestle down a healthy young man and perform doggie-style pushups to de-stress?

Duh, if it's true, he could sell tonnes of his secret jamu even behind bars.

The political landscape may seem rather hazy now, but that guy who lodged the report have succeeded in spoiling many peoples' plans for a lazy Sunday.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

UMNO's new poster boy

Ezam says this and Ezam says that. BEHOLD! The new poster boy of UMNO. Hansem tak?

ezam interview 310508 5

Look! I ain't got no greasy hair!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another pressure on the pockets

If you are a working woman, and you have no choice but to rely on a maid in order to be able to keep on working out of the house, this news will send chills down your spine.

Indonesian maids may soon cost more

GEORGE TOWN: Maid fees have skyrocketed in the past year and there seems to be no end in sight.

Association of Foreign Housemaids Agencies (Papa) president Datuk Raja Zulkepley Dahalan warned that employers may soon have to fork out up to RM8,000 to hire an Indonesian maid.

Maid agencies currently charge RM7,500 for each maid brought in from Indonesia compared with the RM6,000 fee charged early last year.


Now, if your maid walks out of you in the middle of the night, it will hurt your pockets more than before.

A month ago, my neighbour who lives opposite my house had a rude shock when she left her maid alone for only 10 minutes while she went out to pick up her son from tuition.

The recalcitrant girl just walked out of the house without bothering to take any of her personal belongings with her and disappeared under the cover of darkness. This is such a common behaviour among Indonesian maids that you have to admire their supreme confidence in getting away uncaught and probably a few years down the road, they'll be eligible to vote in our general elections.

RM7,500 upfront is no small sum to hire an Indonesian maid these days, and it seems that the higher up the agency fees go, the lower down the quality of maids they supply to desperate employers.

Do we complain enough? Do we take a stand like how some people boycott Petronas gas stations to show our displeasure at the recent fuel price hike?

Or are Indonesian maid employers a different category of consumers who are too desperate for help that they will take this expensive risk and suffer in silence if they had been soundly played out?

And do we just accept that our government is not working hard enough to provide viable alternatives for the suffering employers?

Oh, I forgot. We Malaysians are famous for passively accepting bad governance from our ruling government. What to do, right?


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vision 2020 - slipsliding into 3rd world status

With the recent fuel hike, it looks like CASH is KING when it comes to filling up the tank.

The Petroleum Dealers' Association of Malaysia (PDAM) has directed some 3,500 of its members to stop accepting credit and fleet cards for refueling pending an outcome of their meeting with the government on the issue of fuel commission.

Muggers and snatch thieves will now have more reason to stake out petrol stations. Did anyone consider this?

In The SUN today, it was reported that if you earn less than RM2,000 a month, you are considered a low-income earner.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Amirsham A. Aziz said in reply to an oral question from Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, this definition of low-income would be adjusted from time to time to take the inflation rate into account.

And tellingly, if the poverty line is raised from the current RM800 to RM1,500 per household, it would push to country's poverty rate from 3.7% to 24.3%!

What does this tell us?

So many households are struggling to keep afloat because a major portion of their income goes into servicing their car and housing loans. It is indeed a poor family that has to survive on RM2,000 a month in an urban area, let alone RM1,500 or less!

No wonder there's so much anger. If you can no longer use your credit cards to even pay for petrol, it is just a matter of time before the anger boils over.

This is not just about the have-nots and the barely-haves who are trying to keep afloat. Even those with plenty in their pockets are feeling disgusted as this country is regressing instead of progressing towards being a developed nation by 2020.

Now, it seems like a joke, doesn't it, the Vision 2020?

Should we pray instead that by 2020, we won't actually end up like some of our neighbours whose university graduates had to go overseas to work as maids to put food on the table?

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