Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Damn big balls

Gambar ehsan TV3 dan NTV7

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Was there really an intention to insult His Majesty as alleged? I mean aside from openly embarrassing the Sultan of Terengganu like that. That is an insult, isn't it?

And what is "Natang" by the way? Some interpreted it as a short form for "Binatang", meaning Beast. Is that true?

Wahlaueh!! I want to know who is the person behind this. He may not have much brains but he sure has real big balls to do that. And feeling confident that he can get away with it, obviously. Pak Lah sure can't beat this guy!!


Blogger zewt said...

yeah, what exactly is this natang natang issue?

25/3/08 22:46  
Blogger Antares said...

Umno politics is a carryover from feudal Malay politics and nothing has changed since the 19th century except they all carry cellphones these days. After Mahathir castrated the royalty in 1983 with his infamous Constitutional Amendments, the Sultans have had to keep a low profile and focus on getting rich thru business. However, many haven't done so well and have had to just be sleeping partners. Now that they see Umno as a wounded tiger, they're seizing the opportunity to regain some lost ground - and winning my respect at least! Let's pray there's some genuine nobility left in the royal households. As long the Royals embody the noblest aspirations of the nation, they're worth their keep as emblems of unity.

27/3/08 17:07  
Blogger Antares said...

P.S. The PKR and PAS people are much savvier about how to align with the latent power of the Sultans to liberate the nation once and for all from the evil clutches of Umno - which has been a curse since Mahathir killed the original Umno and turned it into his personal Zombie party populated by angst-ridden, money-grubbing, egoically insecure Bumoids. Those are the ones you'll find in every government department, just serving time - and their own retirement schemes.

27/3/08 17:15  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Antares, the spectacular failure of the royal household of NSDK is a good case in point, eh?

27/3/08 18:31  

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