Friday, February 25, 2011

When change is trust upon you

There is really no going back once the wheels are set in motion.

Reading Marina's latest blogpost "for those who still think an 'islamic state' is the way to go" this morning brings home the reality of how change is always a constant in life. And that some changes will hurl us into the unknown, bringing forth a full range of emotions in trying to deal with and survive the change intact (plus a fervent hope that we will come out much better for it).

Events and turmoils happening half way across the world from us are being brought so close to home in real time via the internet.  We watch and get sucked in by the raw emotions screaming out at us from our computer screens.  Whether it's Egypt, Libya, Bangkok or Christchurch in New Zealand, it doesn't really matter.  We talk about them, debate and argue and even entertain thoughts of something similar happening here .. how would we deal with it if it did? And right in the midst of so much changes on the ground, there are still some people who, laughably, insist that things should remain the same, that this is not the time to "experiment" with change.

Well, I'm stumped by such suicidal mindset.

Personally, I have gone through a major change in my life last year. For a while, I resisted, dithered back and forth, trying to rationalize and come up with a myriad of excuses to drown out the fear and uncertainty that came with the change.  Yes, it was a feeble attempt because in truth, I fell flat on my face.  All it gave me was a crazy roller coaster ride through a range of emotions I didn't know I was capable of.  All of which is for naught, really.  Because I came back to square one.  Fact is, there is no turning back for me once I commit myself.

We are all creatures of habit.  But then again, what is this life if we don't appreciate the blessings that come our way, some more obvious while others may be in disguise.

So I asked myself, why not slow down for a moment and listen, take heed, for a change? Or would I rather lament missed opportunities when all is said and done?


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