Sunday, October 17, 2010

A great disservice!

What a great disservice to our school children who have been made guinea pigs by the flip-flopping Education Ministry under the Barisan Nasional government!

KUALA LUMPUR: All Year One pupils in national schools next year will be studying Science and Mathematics in Bahasa Malaysia
They will not be given a choice to answer in English for school tests and public examinations as they progress through the years. Their textbooks would also be in Bahasa Malaysia, said Education director-general Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom
.. As for secondary schools, textbooks in Bahasa Malaysia will be supplied to Form One and Form Four students beginning 2012.

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There have been many calls to the Education Ministry to be fair to all those children made to study mathematics and science in English from Year One to Year Six.  These kids should be allowed to continue doing so right up until they finished their secondary school level, until the STPM examinations if they so wish.

And for reasons which smacks of political expediency, our Education Minister chose to go ahead and reverse the PPSMI without giving the parents and kids any choice.

My son, who will be in Year 6 in 2011 is caught in this net of deceit by our government.  He will have completed six years of studying mathematics and science in English before he moves on to Form 1 in 2012.  Where is the logic for him to relearn the terms in Bahasa Malaysia for the following 5 years only to start all over again in English at tertiary level?

As a parent, I am more than annoyed at what's happening. 
Looking at what's been announced, it's no longer a knee jerk reaction to look at other options like private education.  I have a full year to digest the implication of what the ministry has done. 



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