Thursday, May 04, 2006

Who's the gutsiest of them all?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the gutsiest of them all?

The competition is on for a mention in THAT book, the Malaysian public's all time favourite. The question: Name the Barisan Nasional politician, past and present, who has the most guts in Malaysia? No wait, we are not tallying the votes just yet, in case there are contenders out there who still wish to register themselves for the competition. It's still open folks, better hurry up!

Read The Star, The Sun and the deep blue sea, oops, I mean The Official News for the latest in the war of words started by the gutsy Dr M who fired the first salvo.

Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department said in Parliament yesterday:-

“It is a wild allegation from a former government leader towards his former colleagues who had been loyal and worked hard for him when he was prime minister." (NST)

Tun is wrong on all points” and “We respect Tun as someone who has done a lot for the people and the country but it does not mean he is given a blank cheque to criticise ..." (The SUN)

“Twenty-one out of 32 people in the cabinet are senior ministers who were appointed by Tun himself while he was the PM. I do not think Tun meant what he said. Otherwise, many questions will arise with regards to his personal being, because I do not think he is also half past six with no guts.” (The SUN)

“When Tun said that the country was ‘half-past six with no guts’, he is directing his comments at the Cabinet, which comprises many members appointed by him." (The STAR)

“You can give your criticisms. When you go beyond that – sending out letters to MPs and division heads – that is tantamount to undermining the Government leadership. I take full responsibility for what I had said (in the Dewan)” (The STAR)

“I hope Tun will not feel offended. By calling the Government half-past six with no guts, you should know better that I’ve got more guts. If I don’t answer, it will only confirm what he (Dr Mahathir) had said." (The STAR)

and the Mother of it all, the one I love best from The SUN:-

Nazri said he will continue to respond to Mahathir’s statement if the former PM reacts. “If Tun responds, I will respond back. We will see who gets tired.”

Wah lau eh!

So fierce! So garang! So gutsy!

Team Badawi has added one more lieutenant to its rank, the super duper gutsy Nazri! He sits nicely besides Johor Baru MP and Backbenchers' Club Chairman Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad who also told Dr M to shut up a few days ago.

Half past six with no guts, Dr M? Did you or did you not meant what you said?

Revive talks on bridge, Mukhriz? Did you hear what Khairy had to say in response to that?

Looks like father and son are up against a formidable wall. Pak Lah has yet to utter a word in response to both men's challenge but it seems like he need not bother himself with such "remeh temeh" issues while going on about his business as usual in the Caribbean and United States. Some people are just jeles lah!

His lieutenants and generals are more than willing to come to his defence, and if necessary, launch into an offensive counter-attack to protect the integrity of his leadership.

It would be interesting to see if any one from the 21 current senior ministers in the Cabinet who were appointed by Dr M and retained by Pak Lah would speak up for their former Boss.

But then again, that would be sheer political suicide, wouldn't it?

Guts?? Who needs it if your rice bowl is going to be shaken and broken by it?

But play it like Nazri, and you get a daring display of guts with a throw of the dice. Where he's going to end up 2 years from now depends very much on who is left standing at the top of the mountain after the battle is through.

And like the Cantonese saying, he's "laying down his body" (fun sai san) on this one gutsy speech.

Do you think he is, err ... "yim meng cheong"??

Whatever, today's news made this Thursday pretty wild and interesting.



Blogger desiderata said...

Anak M: To me, Sharir wins hands down. Stepping down as BBC chair, esp after supporting Oppo Leader's motion on a matter of Principle. Very consistent too -- he resigned as MP for JB won on UMNO tic, to contest again as Independent against UMNO official candidate -- THat's GUTS!

Off topic: at my own blog, I just posted this ~~~"desiderata said...
SOS to Anak Merdeka:

Can I bollow that POME for use tomollow re MM and KJ ah?

6:06 PM ~~~

4/5/06 18:11  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Of course you can, Uncle Desi! You can pinch any of my poems anytime. After all, we are part of the 3 Muskets, or is it the Funtastic 4?? Share share and make this world a better place for everyone! Cheers :)

And one more thingy, I agree with you that Shahrir has shown guts and integrity consistently compared to the other guy. Actually, I'm mighty suspicious of that other fellow.

4/5/06 19:01  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

Amoi, I have not read this piece of news about Shahrir. If he did resign to prove the integrity of MPs, I think he deserves to be applauded.

A right is a right and a wrong is a wrong. It doesn't matter you are a white cat or black (Deng Xiao Ping).

An MP must have the "guts" to stand for righteousness. I will blog about it when I read the news tomorrow.

You are damn up-to-date. Keep it up!

Eh, I like what you coined - the Funtastic 4; I somehow think its more of the "Maverick 4". Not refering to my call-sign... I just mean we are more of a maverick-type.

4/5/06 21:35  

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