Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One more dead in JB, did you notice, Pak Lah?

This is so sad.

The Star, Monday 24 April 2006

JOHOR BARU: A healthcare product sales representative, who was the victim of a snatch theft, died at the Hospital Sultanah Aminah here.

Chang Ser Ling, 24, died at around 1pm on Saturday. She had fallen after her handbag was snatched by a group of 10 motorcyclists at Taman Suria here on Thursday.

Johor CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said the incident occurred at 6.30pm when Chang and a friend were walking to a nearby bus station to board a bus home to their rented house in Jalan Maju here.

Chang, who hit her stomach against a bump on the road when she fell, had first sought treatment from a nearby clinic.

However, on Friday, she was sent to the hospital for surgery.

“On Friday, at around 5pm, she underwent surgery, but died on Saturday at around 1pm.

“We will have to wait for post-mortem results to determine the cause of death,” said SAC (II) Abdul Rahim when contacted, adding that police have yet to classify the case because it is believed the victim had leukaemia.


Is this not another reason to urgently implement the SAFE CITY programme nationwide?

If the state can send a group of 55 people from the police, Immigration, JB City Council, Johor Religious Department, and RELA to flush out a self-styled Black Metal group in Tampoi last week, I don't see any reason why the same kind of zeal cannot be displayed to flush out petty and dangerous criminals like snatch thieves and armed robbers.

Pak Lah, in an interview with Johan Jaafar on national TV, said:-

"He implored the people to change with the times, to discard old baggage and to shift our paradigms. The issue about a first-class mentality and First World values is not “cakap kosong” (empty talk). We have to work to achieve that. We have the strength, the capabilities and the infrastructure, and we can do it. To him, failure is not an option."

PAK LAH - this is a personal appeal.

Can you spearhead this matter and make it your personal agenda to ensure every citizen in this country will be free from such a vile threat to their lives?

I know it is unrealistic to expect that this latest victim to die at the hands of a snatch thief in JB will be the last. It will happen again, if not in JB, then most certainly in some other township in Malaysia. But surely we can make such incidents an exception rather than the norm?

And if no one takes a BOLD step to stop these killers from doing further harm to innocent civilians, then our lives are not worth the few ringgit these thieves are after.

There must be a way to reduce these heinous incidences. We look to YOU, being our LEADER, to find a way. Because only YOU can direct the state governments and the police force to be serious about this matter.

We cannot treat such deaths as mere "mati katak." It is a downright shameful and disgraceful display of apathy by our law enforcers and our ruling government.

If I am so lucky as to get this message through to you, I want to thank you for your attention. And I pray that you will do something positive about it.


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Blogger Fashionasia said...

sigh....another one...there are too many around and nobody give a hoot.
Nowadays they are more daring, they uses parang and cut you even before you know it.

ARGGHH...sometimes i hope these people just come up to me and say can u give me your money and i'd gladly give them all....just dont hurt me can or not?

25/4/06 12:43  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Thanks for sharing your thots, Fashionasia.

We all fear that if something is not done about this worsening situation, we may be the next victim.

But I guess I might as well give up on this. We can shout all we want, but is it going to change anything?

Still, I felt terribly saddened by the fate of the latest victim. Can't seem to help feeling very angry about it as well.

25/4/06 17:27  
Blogger walski69 said...

Thanks for linking to my post - the relevant point here is that while the police may be short-handed as they claim, they're just making matters worse by expending resources on what I consider "relatively harmless" things like persecuting people in black t-shirts, for the reason that they were wearing black t-shirts.

AFAIK apart from being a little rowdy, the police couldn't find anything wrong with the group of people they rounded up. Harian Metro themselves reported this.

Mobilizing the police for this sort of worthless witch-hunt is a sheer waste of resources.

28/4/06 18:17  
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