Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A less than exciting read

I have not read a book which so engrossed me that I could stay up late into the night since The Da Vinci Code last year.

I'm not too bothered with the hype surrounding the controversial book, because I enjoyed it simply as a good piece of fiction. It was really very well written from the point of view of someone who just want to be entertained by an intelligent and suspenseful plotline.

Thus, I was attracted to the cover of the book, The Rule of Four, while at the Borders bookstore last weekend, over at The Curve.

Some of the reviews fascinated me:-

"If you loved THE DA VINCI CODE ... dive into this" by People Magazine on the front page cover.

"This year's biggest publishing sensation" by Guardian on the first page.

"One part The Da Vinci Code, one part The Name of The Rose ... A blazingly good yarn" by San Francisco Chronicle on the back cover.
"The Da Vinci Code for people with brains" by Independent on the back cover.

Maybe it was all those references to The Da Vinci Code that got to me.

I have spent the past three days going through the pages of this book by Ian Caldwell & Dustin Thomason.

My verdict?

It's most definitely not in the same league as THAT BOOK.

In fact, I find it a drag in some parts. Since the Independent suggested that this book is for "people with brains", I concede that maybe I fall under the category of people without brains.

Certainly it was a brainless decision for me to fork out RM35.90 on the basis of some fantastic reviews only to find it fall far below my expectations.

I think OUSTED entertained me more, even though that one wasn't even supposed to be a work of fiction.

Anyone out there who is curious to read The Rule of Four - don't go and waste your money. You can borrow it from me instead. And I'll probably won't miss it.



Blogger Maverick SM said...

Hehe, we had the common sickness. I was attracted to Rule of Four by the cover review. I read half, and archive it.

26/4/06 01:04  
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