Tuesday, May 02, 2006

An ode to the young & restless

Of late, the young (KJ) and the restless (MM) have caused a flutter by some of the things they said (or wrote about) which got published in the local English media. I would like to dedicate this delightful poem to both men, for they have provided much food for thought in the stuff that they have churned out in public. May they continue to enlighten us with their insightful thoughts and wise sayings.


Someone said he'd done it well,
And presto!
his head began to swell;
Bigger and bigger
the poor thing grew -
A wonder it didn't split in two.

In size
a balloon could scarcely match it;
He need a fishing-pole
to scratch it; -
But six and a half was the size of his hat,
And it rattled around on his head at that!

"Good work," somebody chanced to say,
And his chest
swelled as big as a load of hay.
About himself, like a rooster,
he crowed;
Of his wonderful work
he bragged and blowed.

He marched around
with a peacock strut;
Gigantic to him
was the figure he cut; -
But he wore a very small-sized suit,
And loosely it hung on him,
to boot!

HE was the chap who made things hum!
HE was the drumstick and the drum!
HE was the shirt bosom and the starch!
HE was the keystone in the arch!

HE was the axis of the earth!
Nothing existed before his birth!
But when he was off from work a day,
Nobody knew that he was away!

This is a fact
that is sad to tell:
It's the empty head
that is bound to swell;
It's the light-weight fellow
who soars to the skies,
And bursts like a bubble
before your eyes.

A big man is humbled
by honest praise,
And tries to think of all the ways
To improve his work
and do it well; -
But a little man starts
of himself to yell!

- Joseph Morris



Blogger howsy said...

Haiyo, still not finished yet with this Sandy-war(a) World Cup har? Might as well prepare yourself for the REAL World Cup next month. Which team are you going to sapport? Engrund har?

2/5/06 16:16  
Blogger desiderata said...

anak merdeka:

that's one helluva pome
now I wonder if the emperor
would seek thee out to pout
an oddity to his throne?

2/5/06 16:53  
Blogger desiderata said...

PS: howsy can you shutthe hellUP
where got World Cup besides Malaya Cup!

2/5/06 16:55  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Howsy, you mean you don't know yet that I like da Ronaldinho "Mr Pump It" ah? How can support Engrund? Dun like da metrosexual man lar!

Desi, did this one put a simile on your face? :) Howsy will get into a lousy mood with your yello!

Cheers! It's a lovely thunderstorm and lightning day today over here.

2/5/06 18:23  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

I find it interesting how you relate this poem to the two-stooges.

Like I said, what had happen and what can happen is, but good for the nation as this will wake up a regime who had side-tracked the mission that was mandated.

Apparent to what had happened, it is clear that the main beneficiaries seemed to be the oligarch.

2/5/06 20:27  

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