Friday, April 28, 2006

Malaysians - one happy family (but only on 31 Aug)

It's only 125 days more to go before we celebrate our national day - Hari Merdeka ke 49.

And you know what?

Our Information Minister, Datuk Zainuddin Maidin confirmed that "Malaysians were still thinking a lot along racial lines, unlike the audience in the UK or Europe."

He also felt that the thinking of Malaysians has yet to reach the level of maturity of the people in the West and Europe, saying "It is a long way to go, it is not time yet. We have to democratise them first, then only will they not think in terms of race."

Are we now looking West?

Oh yes ... looking East was associated with Dr M, and well, we all know that he is no longer the taiko, so chuck out the look East policy along with the bridge, the car, the motorbike, ... and everything else associated with the X-man.

Yes, indeed. It is officially confirmed in the Dewan Rakyat now that all those pictures of happy multi-racial united faces splashed on the frontpages of newspapers every 31 August is a farce.

Zam may not think the average Malaysians very clever, but I beg to differ. At least I have talked about this stupid attempt by our local papers to outdo each other in the photo ops contest every 31st August in my first blog posting about our media trying to portray a lovey dovey image to the world.

It seems like Malaysians only celebrate unity in diversity once a year.

For the rest of the time, even our Members of Parliament don't bother to hide the fact they are unapologetic racists. Even our Cabinet Ministers are not ashamed to brandish their racist image for the whole world to see. Even our national policies smacked of racism.

Not time yet, Zam?

Do you think come 2020, we will be ready to join the Westerners/Europeans?

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on who is the PM in 2020, and where he wants to look for inspiration to formulate his policies. East or West? Or North, up in the trees?

Your guess is as good as mine.



Blogger desiderata said...

Up north, mGf is Utara on and on until INFINITY.

2020...2030...2040 that's when a Chinoserie can become a PM here.
I'm dammed patient one.:)
I have SE7EN to the power of 7 lives.
Howsy may have NINE (Catman?) to the power of 9 lives. He may maketh IT!

Anak Merdeka -- you have have many lives ..Pls Q UP, make IT in 2050?
Miss PAtience is virtuous petite, and WISE...the last attribute is gifted by HOWSY.

28/4/06 14:25  
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