Friday, September 14, 2007

CSR the Malaysian way

I haven't been reading a lot of blogs and online news lately due to various reasons.

But I want to make a side comment on something that has ruffled not a few feathers concerning the government's requirement for PLCs to show their commitment to corporate social responsibility ala Ketuanan Melayu as succinctly put by Aisehman in his blog entry titled "Bursa Melayu."

This is one of those things that we should really be ashamed of. But the shameful part is that some people JUST DON'T. Or rather, the people who came up with this idea don't.

Greed is like cancer. It grows and grows out of control until it dies along with the host it feeds on.

And this is nothing but SHEER GREED.

We don't tear our hairs out that our government do not practise good CSR in terms of employing more non-Malays into middle and top management positions in the public sector.

So, when our government start defining CSR as extending the handout policies to the private sector, something truly sad is happening to our society. To what it means to be a Malaysian.

I just feel so ashamed.

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Blogger Maverick SM said...

In the world of disparities and marginalization, only the tough will get going. Over the decades of adversities, the discriminated would have an inherent self-reliant system built-in and able to plog and slog through the economic base, tidal waves after waves. It's perseverance and determination. What the bourgeoisies did not realize are the fact that the negative forces of discrimination had enabled and in fact bred distinctive champions and elastic entrepreneurs. On the contrary, they had molded their own casket chest that buried those they proclaimed to represent.

Its a sad tale but the tough gets going even if the going gets tougher.

15/9/07 00:56  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

And a mighty golden chest it is that's offered to bury those poor souls who have been deceived by their own perceived notion of indestructibility.

I agree that this is a sad tale in the making indeed, Mave.

15/9/07 20:44  

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