Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A poser for the future

I'm asking myself this question today:-

"Do I want to live in an Islamic country where Islamic laws is the supreme law of the country? How will this affect the future of my kids?"

I think both my husband and I need to give this some serious thought.



Blogger Helen said...

I'm not exactly an expert in this area, but can a country be known as democratic if the highest law is not exactly 'democratic'?

While at it, was it written in the constitution when we first had our independence? Not secular state eh?

18/7/07 17:31  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

Given a choice, I regret to state that I would rather be in Europe as an immigrant.

18/7/07 18:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

islamic law doesn't affect you as a just have to respect our sensitivity in some area...

18/7/07 20:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Tee here.

And I guess no point to be anonymous here for anyone as this is really open sky for anyone to say and opine.

Say what one feels like and be brave to admit. No point to hide as this will only beat the purpose having socio-political blogs here anymore.

Over all, the one who is not at all sensitive and respect other races are the ones who gave that kind of statement of islamic country.

Isn't he a bit outdated no more when everyone knows that Malaysia is a multiracial country? Does he need to be just SO specific about this and that for a particular religion?

No. He is not sensitive at all..! He doesn't fit at all to be even a Malaysian when this is what he has in his mind. He is a SHIT to the nation.

And this is nothing related to the practice of being a muslim at all. This is only a way to publicise himself to the mass for the sake of political gain !

Man, live along with, and talk sparingly is more a way of living in harmony in a multiracial country than just simply let out those STUPID words. I wonder if these are the kinds of people that the development of our country has been holding back because of them.

Anonymous, I do respect islam and be very frank, I never even grumble because more than 70% of my friends are muslim. But I hate those who keep playing the sentiment of the public, be it a chinese, Malay or even Indian.

I am shit ashamed of someone like him, from the same hometown as mine.

He deserves my spit!

18/7/07 21:32  
Blogger Helen said...

Just want to let you know I awarded you the rockin' girl blogger award! lol

21/7/07 15:47  
Blogger Kenny Ng said...

I got think of that too, if I got kids I would like to send them out of this country.

22/7/07 15:00  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

WOW - Thanks a lot Helen, although I'm kinda rusty on the ol' electric guitar these days. LOL!!!

I'll catch up with all of you later, ok?

24/7/07 14:21  
Blogger |dAia| said...

what anonymous said has some truth in it.AND it definately has a bit of effect on nonmuslim in this country.sorry for that.and according to mr tee,what is being said is just for political reason,maybe it is true but you have to understand this.and as reluctant as i am to admit this but i believe that the faith of muslims has deteriorate over the years. But that doesn't stop some muslim to stop loving Islam. Even i who don't really practice every aspect of the religion still love it. I'm sure you do too love yours.

I believe that what is being done now is to ensure that the faith of muslim was how it used to be back then. Ok,maybe some politics are involved. I don't understand about those. But the muslims now need more guidance and enforcement than just sheer lessons in classrooms and parent talk. If it means to enforce laws so be it. Sorry if it effects other people and sorry if you do feel like migrating to some other 'unislamic' country. Hope you do understand.

1/8/07 21:55  

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