Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hi everybody! I apologise for the lack of updates.

I've been rather busy and much time is also spent on the road, out of the country and as such, I'm quite out of touch with the blogging community.

I hope things will slow down a bit for me after the new year so that I can start to reconnect with all my friends again. In the meantime, please excuse me for the unannounced break. It wasn't planned.

The year is coming to a close soon. This time last year, I was full of hope that 2006 will see us all getting a better deal from our Prime Minister and his Barisan Nasional government.

Let's just say I'll not hope for much in the coming year of 2007. The one thing I do look forward to is the next general election. And it doesn't matter when it'll happen, right?

So, here's wishing all my Christian friends a very Merry Christmas. And to everyone else, a Happy New Year to you too.

Eat, drink (OJ!) and be Merry folks!! Until we meet again, may you & your loved ones enjoy good health and God's blessings for the coming year.




Blogger Wingz said...

lokter told me u go overC Kai-kai liow wor! so its real la! u memang go kaikai!

20/12/06 17:20  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

ha ha Wingz kor kor! So long u never visit - I kambeck and u r the first one to say hello. Tenkiu - see u later after I finish my next assignment OK?

20/12/06 17:34  
Blogger Fashion said...

oh nowonder you MIA so long...
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you too! Have fun!

20/12/06 18:09  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Thanks Ms Fashion. Hope Santa brings u a lovely present on Christmas day!

20/12/06 18:27  
Blogger desiderata said...

i wanted a Bodyguard to Cheras lust sundae to hear Sdr anwar spiak, but Anak M was oversee, i took a rain check, is this apt?

Happy Nu'e Year we are getting one year

20/12/06 19:03  
Blogger PabloPabla said...

Selamat Hari Krismas!!

21/12/06 18:06  
Blogger H J Angus said...

cik amoi
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Hope you are keeping well.

25/12/06 20:09  

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