Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What does JBANS means to you?

It never fails to amuse me each time I encounter the local water department's official vehicle with the acronym JBANS.

JBANS stands for Jabatan Bekalan Air Negeri Sembilan (Negeri Sembilan Waterworks Department).

But in my mind, it invariably translates to JamBANS (not a conscious effort, really!).

Oh, you don't know the meaning of Jamban? It is the Malay word for TOILET. So Jambans would mean toilets.

Since JBANS deals with water, and since we are all so familiar with the quality of our piped water as well as the escalating costs to the consumer without any substantial improvement in quality, I suppose it is really appropriate to think "JamBANS" whenever we think of JBANS.

Goes to show how the unintentional can really hit the right notes sometimes, eh?



Blogger Kenny Ng said...

JBANS, SYABAS, PBA... all also the same, they only want to make money but never improve the water quality. We can see very obvious now every houses also installed at least one water filter.

7/11/06 22:04  

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