Monday, November 06, 2006

Bye-bye building by-laws

According to the MB of Selangor Negeri Maju, Zakaria's mansion cannot be demolished even though it is constructed without approval from the local authorities (hence, illegal) because to do so, would be unfair because there are thousands of illegal structures which are still standing (and presumably still being built) in this developed state.

I understand the YB to mean that because the "problem" is too huge to handle, thus, the better way is to "close one eye" to this issue.

Why pick on Zakaria? Why indeed!

Now I understand something else about this country too.

About the huge discounts that was dished out to traffic offenders to persuade them to pay up? I guess the rationale must be the same.

Because the number of offenders must be really too many to stuff into all the police lock-ups in the country if the police were to arrest all of them, consequently, it is better to offer 50%-70% discount in the hope that most of them will pay up, and then, "close one-eye" to the rest of the recalcitrant ones.

See, it is all about the numbers. The bigger they are, the more clout you have to get away with your "crime" all because the rule of the jungle has triumph over the laws.

I wonder what is the purpose of having building by-laws. Oh yeah! Laws are really meant to be broken, I heard.

My neighbour was mighty pleased with the MB's decision. You see, he is in the midst of extending his house to double it's current size and he has yet to submit any renovation plans for approval by the local authorities.

Well, he said that there is clearly no need to do so now. What a relief to him. And to the thousands of others in the same boat.



Blogger Maverick SM said...

The fact remains that wide discretionary and arbitrary powers are given to ministers and executives to do, act or forebear, in such ways that the law is made flexible and scalable.

Malaysia, don't cry for me!

7/11/06 06:34  
Blogger PabloPabla said...

Our country is having a cancer which is turning terminal. Those who think it is not are in a state of denial.

7/11/06 09:01  
Blogger Helen said...

Why not sees it the other way round?

Demolishing the mansion will serve as a warning and deterrent to those hundreds of illegal squatters out there from simply building their house wherever they like. Sheesh..

7/11/06 14:22  
Blogger desiderata said...


Your good friend AhPek can drive a tractor, Mave Sm can drive his DieHatSu while I drive my olde Lembu Keleta and you drive A-Team tank and Anak M her Japanese Charade and we all haed for the 4-storey mansion, dare or knot?

I think the good lord will give us protection because we are doing Community service like what Light&EAsy preaches everyday!

Legally speaking this is Class act or action?

7/11/06 19:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait until the day KJ is arrested under ISA than I would believe law does exist. Till then Gynae can continue his remarks on the pivoting race.

8/11/06 14:28  
Blogger See Fei said...

like the film "The Untouchables", a commission consisting of a few untouchable with royal power to carry out the elimination of these illegal structures.

i am sure you will see a booming demolition sub-sector mushroom overnight in the Klang Valley!

8/11/06 19:12  

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