Friday, November 17, 2006

Uneasy bedfellows

How are we all supposed to be united as multi-racial and multi-religious citizens of MALAYSIA after all the unabashed racist opinions being blared publicly from the PWTC during the on-going UMNO General Assembly?

It is hurtful, to say the least. And deeply troubling too.

It also makes one think whether we can count them as real true friends when the going gets tough.



Blogger O2Deprivation said...

"I still treat you as friend, so I can slap you but you can't do the same if you want to maintain this friendship." Warned AB.

17/11/06 11:27  
Blogger See Fei said...

if no one raise a hoot about all this racial rant in pwtc, the non-malay are totally, absolutely and completely cowed.

migrate or just accept our fate. *sigh*

18/11/06 17:45  
Blogger O2Deprivation said...

I share the same sentiment as see fei, and I believe none of Malaysian would like to migrate if there is a choice, to make a decent living without being discriminated.

For those who have lived or are living in the foreign land, you would appreciate the beauty of Malaysia soil and the friendliness of people around you. The sole problem is, we are not seeing lights on the direction our country is heading to with bad management and loads of social problem.

20/11/06 09:49  
Blogger H J Angus said...

What I do not understand is why those other BN members present did not walk out when those racist comments were made.

That would have been a clear message to the speaker/s.

These people make speeches like the Klu Klax Klan or other fringe extremist groups.

20/11/06 10:53  
Blogger desiderata said...

if the UMNO GA is seen from literature point of view as The Play being mounted on the PWTC Stage annually, then Malaysians are safe. One day, the story wears out in antiquity (check sp: antequaty?) and in steps a reform party.

My wish is to see this happen SOONER than later, with Anwar Ibrahim, leading the cast -- this time to truly put on the Real Shakespearean Play and Desi will get a Press Pass-lah to report LIVE, assuming that YL is still a-Live!:)

Cheers,mGf: we can always dreAm, yes?

22/11/06 11:41  
Blogger Billy said...

Back in 1987, when the UMNO presidency was heatly challenged by Tengku Razaleigh, a FEER regional correspondent was noted to have said something to this effect that he found the UMNO Malays a strange lot. When you step on their feet, you are in the wrong. When they step on your feet, you are also in the wrong.

1/12/06 07:36  
Blogger Howsy said...

So long no update from you, are you alrite there? Hope to hear from you soon!

1/12/06 22:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...all this talk is nothing surprising... as long as 30 years ago some UMNO lecturers in the Maktab Perguruan were telling the Chinese and Indian teacher trainees that they were very lucky to be born in Malaysia where Deepavali and Chinese New Year are public holidays because the Western countries do not allocate holidays for these festivals!

2/12/06 19:31  

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