Friday, December 08, 2006

The mask we all wear

Let's face it.

In this country, a thick black line has been drawn between "them" and "us".

It has gotten worse, no thanks to those who have contributed to the gradual erosion of trust and insistence of a greater divide between "them" and "us".

Look at the present generation. Most are a cynical lot. Perhaps they have cynical parents who have seen how the system can destroy their dreams and that of their loved ones and how they can be victimised at the whims and fancies of a bigoted few.

(Prime Minister) Abdullah said history was a good teacher and Malaysians should learn from what had happened in the past in order to move forward. (NST frontpage, 7/12/06)

Really? Does the version of history being taught to our school children these days teaches us anything constructive to national unity & diversity? I beg to differ. Maybe the teaching of constitutional law to our kids would serve a better purpose.

Admitting that race relations were still fragile and brittle, Abdullah urged all Malaysians to mend fences and unite, or the country would face a bleak future.

... "What we want to achieve can only be realised through the efforts of all Malaysians, not just a select race. I do not want only one race to celebrate (Merdeka) because they are the only ones who feel the spirit. All races must celebrate. We must eliminate all negative feelings towards each other. We must unite as Malaysians to take on the world."

Again, look at the real issues which have caused the disunity that is so apparent these days.

Perhaps, "they" who feel that they are the rightful owners of this country and thus bear the true spirit of patriotism as against all the other "pendatangs" should be magnanimous and try to reach out and eliminate all the negativity that has seeped into the hearts & minds of all "the others" who have been repeatedly reminded to pay the price for the right of abode.

The "adopted" child syndrome has pushed many things into the dark recesses of the unspeakable and undebatable. The only channel of expression left is the rejection of things that could further erode their sense of dignity and survival in the harsh face of reality. And the rejection will continue so long as their patriotism to this country is dismissed as irrelevant to the cause of someone else's agenda.

It is now up to the "Tuan" who carries the key to any real meaningful integration efforts to reunite us all as one in this blessed country.

All it takes is the political will to do so. The political will of the true master who rules this country.

Emotional speeches contribute nothing at all to the solving of this problem.



Blogger PabloPabla said...

Teaching of constitutional law will serve no purpose unless the government or authorities are abiding by it. Just look at the current constitutional problem we have regarding freedom of religion...

8/12/06 15:57  
Anonymous AM said...

If everyone knows the constitution by heart, then they will also recognise that the govt of the day had abused their powers by disrespecting the rights accorded to every citizen under the constitution.

As it is, a huge number of us do not know our enshrined rights and thus, am not educated enough to empower ourselves through the ballot box, the only way to right all wrongs that have been forced down the throat of the minorities.

8/12/06 16:21  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

Talk something, do something else; that's reflection of disastrous leadership. At the general assembly, he should have said this; damage done.

8/12/06 22:03  
Blogger desiderata said...

anak m:

Welcome thee back butt the mood at Desi's Place has swung the way of the black (evil) from medium (neutral) and whiite (good).

I'm taking over your "hiatus" to revitalise -- so no energy-sapping Political issues. I want to maintain my sanity after getting doses of venom from "sickos" on the PWTC Stage now moved to Putrajaya "small" houses. I medidate in my wooden mansion by River Furong using waters from the sungei and God's rains.

Stay the course eh!

8/12/06 23:18  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

Ah Moi, you had been sleeping for weeks...not yet wake up ah? Where is your postings?

11/12/06 12:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My chief regret ( I do not know about yours) was not joining my classmates who went to further their secondary school studies in Australia in the early 1970s. Not only was it free, they stayed on to find a new life there, free from the 'One country 2 systems' NEP-lifestyle practised over here. Paula Hanson is an angel compared to Krismuddin and his "ketuanan melayu" hooligans... remember the "master Aryan race" of Adolf Hitler and what happened to it?

13/12/06 09:28  
Blogger Kenny Ng said...

Finally see u got update... thought you were lost in space. Glad to see you come back with good post.

All politicians are wearing masks now days.

13/12/06 22:56  

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