Saturday, April 22, 2006

My sexy sporting heroes

It's the World Cup season.

Being the only girl in my family, I grew up in a household where the living room was literally run-over with boys during World Cup season. My brothers and my dad enjoyed watching football for different reasons. And I too was drawn to it and other boys' stuff by close association.

I remember watching them debate about the finer points of the game and the players' prowess in a very noisy atmosphere within the tiny confines of a small living room in a small apartment.

Shirtless bodies will be sprawled all over every available inch of space, plates of kacang and glasses of ice-cold drinks in hand and more often than not, the smell of freshly fried noodles wafting in the air, served up by dad during intermission for the hungry boys. You can tell why those boys like to congregate at our house, cramped as it is, but always welcoming.

These days, my life could not have been more different. But that's another story.

Anyway, I guess growing up in such a household kind of shaped me into the kind of person I am now. I find it infinitely easier to talk to guys. On the other hand, I could never understand why some girls can go on and on about stuff like handbags, hairstyles, fashion, lipsticks and such. I mean, I like handbags and make-up, and shopping etc ... but to talk about these things for hours?? I just don't get it.

Coming back to the topic, I realize that guys have very different criteria for who they look up to as their heroes in the sporting world. They tend to be "technical".

I have my own criteria for who I enjoy watching and keeping up with in the backpages of the daily paper.

First of all, they gotta look GOOD. Sexy even. And the way they play their game, it just spells "First Class".

Like my favourite sports hero, the World No. 1 Tennis Player, Roger Federer aka FedEx. He is good and he is sexy. And I like the way he moves. Sends chills down my spine every time.

And also Kimi Raikonen, the McLaren F1 driver. He's so cool, so fast. He's my "Ice Man" alright.

Like Tiger Woods. He's a cut above the rest. Very disciplined. Too good in his game for the rest on the field. And he swings sexy too.

All these guys have got the looks to go with their talent. Awesome. So much "drool factor".

But I also have another sporting hero who does not seem to fit in to the above criteria. It puzzles me as much as other people. I wonder why I like to watch him play. Maybe it's the way he moves. Maybe it's the way he makes me laugh.

Yeah - he's the one. The "pneumatic drill". The toothy Ronaldinho. He's my unlikely sporting hero. He pumps up the game like no other.

I guess each of us have our idiosyncracies.

I can't wait for the games to begin.



Blogger desiderata said...

No wunder I saw a Yong Gal jumping up&down one nite
In Sikamat Fruit Village when Ronaldino scored
Oh, next time I'd go UP & greet thee
Befor I do that, I'll yell: Teh-C, so you will recognise Desi
With glee, hehehe, No more bored.

23/4/06 14:11  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

hehe ... so you caught me in action huh? Dang!

23/4/06 18:45  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

Hei, what about Michael Shoemaker?

What about Khairy?

24/4/06 01:15  
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