Friday, April 21, 2006

Thank you for listening and sharing

"Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward, and we want to sit in their radius. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand."

- Karl Menninger

We all need a place to vent our emotions, a place to talk, or rather to dump our cluttered baggage.

When we don't have this, we live in our own heads too much and things become out of proportion. We start to lose our perspective.

It is so important to have a place where we can express our thoughts and feelings, and release what we have been holding inside, for reasons which cannot be easily explained or understood.

When we are given this space, it frees us to be more open and to be able to spread our wings and test new heights. It opens up a different world for us, a place where others get a glimpse of who we are in the way we sometimes think of ourselves and what makes us tick, not necessarily more real than how others perceive us in the flesh.

It's like a peep show into our secret inner world, kept hidden due to various insecurities and fallacies, hence the need to assume a moniker. Yeah, and all you guys out there are voyeurs ... (haha!)

Strange as it sounds, it has been a source of joy and comfort to be able to share this journey of discovery with strangers and new-found friends who connect with me on different levels.

And I deeply appreciate all those who have bothered to communicate with me here. As well as allow me to share my thoughts and opinions in their blogs. And agree to disagree on some stuff.

I have been able, in a way, to say and do certain things here that I couldn't possibly do in person (for various reasons, shyness & lack of confidence being two of them). And it feels good to get to shout out loud here. REAL good!

I hope it didn't grate you. My being too serious about certain things. Yeah, I know. Sometimes my passion gets the better of me. It can be welcoming in some aspects (like love... according to SP) but it can and does annoy when I constantly harp on stuff that not everyone shares the same passion for. Gotta keep a tight lid on THAT one, the annoying one lah!

I want to change the focus of this blog somewhat. Add more fluff. How does one write bimbo stuff, short of posting cheesy photos of myself here? I'm curious. Will think about this.

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Blogger howsy said...

Yeah...I may also want to shift my focus towards becoming a celeb blogger. You know, frequenting clubs, frolicking with gals, patronising posh restaurants and most importantly brag about disabled toilets...

21/4/06 19:01  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Hey Howsy - we crossed each other on the blogosphere highway just now! Cool..

Guys always have more fun things to write about if they wish to attract more traffic and gain blog celebrity status - just look at Kenny Sia!

Even Uncle (oops, I mean DOC) Mave is starting to jump onto the celebrity blogging style with his Si(c)kh jokes and sexy posts. Getting real hot & sweaty over there after THAT one on the Japanese fashionista's latest trend.

And I'm sure you will have no problem finding the sort of topics to entice and attract the drooling masses (hehe).

I think frequenting clubs, frolicking with gals and patronising posh restaurants is out for me.

Guess I can always blog about toilets ...

Cheers mF!

21/4/06 19:20  
Blogger desiderata said...

anak merdeka:

art thou serious?

don't listen too MUSH to Howsy -- he soul'd out to lundun and is tryioing to get a SIR (like our TUN?) to be on par with Sir ELTON Johnnie Walker!

Butt seriously, Howsy, I'd like to see thee FROLICKING with da gals in the NU'ES!

Me, I'm Encik desi de Runner will stick to my Errii-ing Wayz! Man, it's tyri-ing sometimes, correcting meself. I don't know about you, anak M, do I also grate people with too much CODE-ine?

Anak Merdeka : I like the way you are, and your writing too, Queen's English, much efforts not like many others, simply hentam-lah -- KEEP IT THIS WAY.

We all have our OWN UNIQUE attractions, don't have to Make Over -- only when you join us IN PERSON for end-Dec on the SS VIRGO for that Abencha on the SE7EN SEAS, SeeYa!

21/4/06 19:22  
Blogger desiderata said...

anak M:

You crossed Howsy -- I'm cross with thee! Chow... to both of thee-S!

21/4/06 19:25  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Wah - so cool! I croxxed with Uncle Desi just now (but you potong my jalan.)

Thank you for your nice words. SS Virgo in Dec?? Sounds very interesting.

Your CODE-ine can't possibly grate me Desi - b'coz I don't understand 3/4 of it! (wahhahahaha!!)

21/4/06 19:28  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

Hi Amoi,

We went into blogging never because we needed attention nor publicity. It was sheer joy of ranting out what we had not being able to share with the community at-large.
If we look around those we socialize, we may not find many who share the sociological and ideological aspects of our own philosophy and rants. However, in the blogsphere, we may find those we don't know but have the same wave-length in thoughts, particularly those that provokes thinking and rationalising. The fun begins here and it drives the adrenalin within us to get going.

We can't rant too much about the system dysfunction. We got to set-free our thoughts. So, I choose to sexise up myself with some fun jokes, sexy jokes and at various times, some erotica. I have not reach a maniac stage... still sober and moral. hehehe...hope those erotica did not suggest wrongly.

22/4/06 00:49  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Mave, I'm tickled by the fact that you had to put on record here that you have not reached maniacal stage with your, okay.. sexist jokes and below the belt stuff.

Actually, I thought it was a nice touch to spice up your blog abit. Although as one from the female species, I won't comment on some of the stuff lest I give out wrong vibes.

And truth be told, it made me realize that although each of us have our own agenda when we blog, it's no fun for my readers to read about basically the same boring stuff each time they visit.

Therefore, as a gracious host, I think it is only proper to add a dash of masala and sometimes serve some tequila on the side. It will also sharpen my writing skills and widen my repertoire. I find it a challenge to re-wire some parts of my brain.

And no, the intention is not to turn into a celeb blog because celeb blogs can be more a burden than a blessing.

Being accepted as one of the "guys" in this unique circle of local bloggers means more to me than anything else. Because this community allowed me to have a 2-way conversation, which is one of the reasons why I am still blogging.

It's funny. There are actually a number of regular visitors to this site from M'sia, across the causeway as well as far flung places like Bahrain and the States but I never get to know who they are.

So this post is all about wanting to say THANK YOU to all my visitors.

For those who only LISTEN ...

and those who LISTENS and SHARES ...
and brightened up my days along the way.

You know who you are.


coming up next:- my sporting heroes!

22/4/06 10:25  
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