Friday, October 20, 2006

Remembering Endon

Exactly one year ago, we received the shocking news that Datin Seri Endon Mahmood, the beloved wife of our Prime Minister had passed away suddenly after losing her battle against cancer.

This day will be spent remembering a kind and gentle lady whose presence is still felt by those whose lives have been touched by her in ways that may not always be publicly expressed.


The New Straits Times, Saturday 1 November 2003 (Special Edition: Welcome Pak Lah @ p.10)

"I never felt sorry for myself"

WHEN it happened to me I never felt sorry for myself.

"Cancer is so rampant these days. One in four people in the country has cancer. It is a common disease," said Datin Seri Endon Mahmood.

"I thank God that it happened at a time like this, when I have a son who can look after me. We have the money for the treatment, and I have friends who can help me. Lots of caring people pray for my good health, too.

"You can ask my children. There has not been a time when they saw me cry. I think the only time I shed tears was when I needed Pak Lah. But I always have to tell myself that he has a bigger role to play, a country to look after.

"Now I have to concentrate on looking after myself. I feel that it's important that I do this so that I can assist Pak Lah.

"He has not been able to follow me for my treatments but he calls every two or three days. Even during my last operation, he was busy with an MCA event.

"I know that he felt a bit guilty for not being able to be with me during my operation but I have always assured him that the country needs him more than I do.

"He is so occupied with his work, he has no time even for himself. But I do miss him. I suppose it's because we are so close.

"He often asks me not to forget my prayers. In the end it's just up to God.

"These days, my mornings begin with a bit of meditation after subuh prayers. Then I do qi gong. Pak Lah used to do it with me, but not anymore. He just doesn't have the time."

- (interviewed) By Hisham Harun


She sacrificed her personal needs and her husband for the country.

Would her husband honour that sacrifice and leave a legacy that will make all Malaysians proud? A legacy that will usher in an eagerly awaited golden era of justice, accountability and transparency that will propel Malaysia into a respectable nation in the eyes of the world community?

In the end, what is being done now shall be recorded in future as history. Time will tell. Let us hope that for all of Endon's sacrifices, something good for all the people of Malaysia will come through the leadership of Pak Lah.

May Allah bless her soul.



Blogger Maverick SM said...

Ya, she was a great mama. But since her departure, the family is no more the same. They had more time to focus on enriching themselves.

21/10/06 10:00  
Blogger Fashionasia said...

wow so fast 1 year already ah....

21/10/06 14:01  

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