Tuesday, October 03, 2006

One small step to better understanding

We don't see this very often, do we?

I mean, public officers actually agreeing that mindfulness of religious sensitivities should apply to everybody, not just Muslims?

Hopefully, we will see more of such positive mindsets in future, extending to many other areas in society so that it becomes a way of life for every Malaysian to accept each others' differences with open hearts and minds.


From theSUN (page 6, Monday October 2, 2006):-

“Food at public functions should be halal for all”

SUBANG JAYA: Be more mindful and sensitive to the religious beliefs and practices of everyone when you invite them to public functions like buka puasa, Subang Jaya municipal councillor Aftar Singh Sidhu said.

Speaking at the council’s full-board meeting, he said: “This is a sensitive matter, but we should make sure that the food we serve at our public functions are ‘halal’ for everyone.”

So items like beef should be left out as Hindus do not eat beef, Aftar said, suggesting that meats like chicken or mutton be served instead.

Councillor Ariffin Osman then said, “It’s like this - just imagine we are at a function where pork is served next to the other food. Would we want to eat the other food then? We must think about these things.”

New MPSJ president Adnan Mohd Ikshan told those in charge to take note.



Blogger Kenny Ng said...

This should practice it long time ago, now only they realised? My office always happen this problem, they always thought that I eat beef but I don't. Me and some Indian colleagues really mad about it, we all paid for the 'jamuan' but we can't eat it.

The most angry me was got few fellas said just few of u only can't eat, then we all no need to eat beef? Hello!!! If I bring some pork there how they feel? Why they never learn how to respect to others?

3/10/06 22:52  
Blogger PabloPabla said...

Ermm....how about respecting the sensitivities of the vegetarians? No meat should be served at all then. Not that I am a vegetarian.

I think Malaysians ought to be a more matured society and not become so sensitive when some of the food they don't eat are served together. Somehow or rather, I have a nagging feeling that Malaysians are generally an inmatured lot and are only looking at own self-interest and will create an issue out of it.

4/10/06 11:04  
Blogger Helen said...

pablopabla said it all. While I agree that it's silly to serve non-halal food on the same table, sensitivity and understanding stems from the individual.

If one is easily offended, or like to find grounds to be offended, there is nothing anyone can do which can please.

4/10/06 14:50  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

I agree 200% with Helen! Can't add anything further.

If one chooses to be easily offended, and expects that their own values must be the rule and policy for all to follow, there is nothing anyone can do which can please ... we are still living in feudal age, it seems.

4/10/06 16:38  

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