Monday, October 16, 2006

Change of fortune for Mat Cemerlang

The guy who refused to eat humble pie once again has got pie thrown at his face.

It has taken this long for the government to admit that the Mat Rempits are a menace to society. Instead of making heroes out of them as some very misguided souls have proposed to do, our deputy Prime Minister has finally shown enough guts to send out the right signals that law-breakers are not to be tolerated at all.

Najib likened road users who flout the law as “thieves.” “If they think they can ‘steal’ and escape from enforcement, they will do it. They don't realise that they are actually affecting the whole system.”

Yes, let's not kid ourselves anymore that the Mat Rempits are cemerlang (excellent).

We have witnessed enough cemerlang acts performed by many of our elected and non-elected representatives of society lately. It seems to me that we have so many Mat Tak-Malu's and Mat Muka Tebal's around that if we continue to shake our heads at their shenanigans, no telling when such head-shaking habits are going to be a very Malaysian way of life.


And what will be the response of Umno Youth who had great plans to re-package the Mat Rempits into role models for our youth aka Mat Cemerlangs? Looks like they need to find someone else to distribute their flyers and propaganda for the coming general election.

Maybe elegant silence would be an easy way out of this conundrum.

One more bite the dust. Then again, maybe not so soon. But aren't we all glad to see the end of this re-branding nonsense, before the dumb gets dumber?



Blogger fishtail said...

Seems like another subtle effort by No 2 to tell off and undermine No 1.

16/10/06 18:42  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

You can't expect the mud to stick on the wall for long...

16/10/06 19:30  
Blogger Kenny Ng said...

always the double standard.

17/10/06 00:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, now, keep up with your regular postings after this, okay!

17/10/06 02:26  
Blogger Helen said...

Nobody is as cemerlang as the oxford boy.

17/10/06 13:53  

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