Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How would u like a J* B** meal?

You see, I didn't make this up, okay?

It appeared in an article published in the Starbiz section of the Star yesterday at page B11.

It was a write-up by their columnist Kathy Fong from Shanghai about Yum! Restaurants China strategic alliance and new business development director Vincent Choo and how he learned that perseverance would be rewarded when doing business in China.

It was reported that the fast food market in China is big and is growing. Mr Choo said that, “Competition is strong, but there is enough business for everyone.”

In fact, he claimed that people were queuing outside Yum!’s newly opened store in Sanya, Hainan province, recently. “It wasn’t just 10 or 20 people standing the line. The queue was like a mile long,” he said, stressing it was not an exaggeration. (and I believe him ... )

Choo also likens investing in China to travelling on a road full of potholes. “However, you would eventually reach your destination if you persevere and not make a U-turn,” he said.

And the last paragraph of the article raised my eyebrows.

Besides KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell brands that are well known worldwide, Yum! group has developed a Chinese fast food brand Dong Fang Ji Bai, which serves local meals, a move to get a bigger share of the market. (and I can't believe this !!!)


Ooooohhhhh ... don’t call me names, okay??? I just wanna cheer up Mave with this little posting. Wahahahahahaha !!!!



Blogger Kenny Ng said...

LOL...what a name, they only use that J* B** part to do the fast food? kekekeke

3/10/06 17:06  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

Do they serve the JB stuff? I mean animal parts....

3/10/06 19:10  
Blogger desiderata said...


I thot I just gotta out-A pub'ic Internet Cafe where modern Jinjang Joes today wear Prada but still speak the J*B* ling-O!. JohorBaruans should be A-shamed of themselves...XXporting such stuff to ShangHye!

Eh -- can arse personal Q? Art thou the personal kempen managAr for Mave?

3/10/06 23:09  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Must be the hazy air clouding our minds lately - even I got mine muddled and murkied by xxx-rated stuff the likes of Mave & Desi been posting in their blogs recently - now even mainstream papers are DO-ing IT!!

Btw, I figured with Helen by your side (which side, I wonder???), I think Mave would appreciate some additional support for the upcoming kempen, the clarion call having been sounded by none other than Mr Oppo himself.

Fair's fair, righto Desi?? Besides, Mave is always much gentler with fair maidens ... no kicks, butts, or korners to dodge! ;)

4/10/06 09:29  
Blogger Silencers said...

Hmm, I know what Ji Bai means,.... but Dong Fang Ji bai? Apa tu?

5/10/06 11:31  

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