Wednesday, October 04, 2006

You can smell the haze in Seremban

The haze right at this moment in Seremban is really awful.

You can actually smell it! It makes my throat feel scratchy. It also gets indoors through window openings.

My poor Buddyboy got nowhere to hide, he has resorted to parking himself between the back of his kennel and the hedge and lying low with his brown nose wedged underneath. Maybe he is smarter than most of us, the air at the lowest point is probably the freshest you can get right now.

And I hope the situation tomorrow will not get any worse than today.

Because the kids are celebrating children's day at school and there'll be some outdoor activities plus lots of moving about due to the parties, mini-concert and a magician making a guest appearance to entertain them.

Of course it doesn't bother them - the haze, I mean. They'll be too excited with a day off normal classwork to notice it. I sure hope they don't come down with a case of conjunctivities this time around - the last great haze saw an outbreak of red eyes among the kids at school and mine were not spared either.

And also late last month, I've seen a resurgence of chickenpox infections among schoolkids here. And this haze no doubt will cause respiratory problems to those susceptible.

Strangely - our government is somewhat nonchalant about this hazy problem this year. Even the major newspapers are not giving it much prominence unlike years past. I wonder why?



Blogger PabloPabla said...

You can also smell it here in KL. But thank God for the short burst of rain during lunchtime which helped a little. I'm going to S'ban tomorrow for haze. I don't think it will be a reason for postponement of cases though! LOL!

4/10/06 17:17  
Blogger Kenny Ng said...

I can smell it in KL too... this morning I went to Putrajaya for a meeting, there even worst! No wonder this morning woke up I felt so headache and unwell.

4/10/06 20:12  
Blogger toniXe said...

hi, u know why bcoz those powers that be r in nice big aircon offices,cars,karaokes,rooms etc etc and the bigshot papers 2 busy with LKY !

Seriously, can anybody do something or anything ?

Not when we have hot jungles like those n poor people like the Indons, yes they also export haze.

4/10/06 20:48  
Blogger desiderata said...

hey AM:

with Haze, put on Masks;
with Mooncache festival, put msg in cake;

IZZIT good combo for V: VendettA?
let's compsoe some love pomes?
beneath the full moonlight
please Mr KJ and similar ilk
get thee out a sight
i wanna more air, more moonlight
less arsenic, less keris
more candles, lanterns and peAce

AM: Now where's that apt Li Bai's poem?
I'm half drunk on C-tea, art thou 2 on Dom'?

4/10/06 22:47  
Blogger walski69 said...

Smell it? You can frickin' taste it in KL!!

Year after year this crap happens, as our powers-that-be sit on their butts twiddling their.. nevermind.

Sometimes this "good neighbor" crap is taken a little too damn far... Countries have been invaded for lesser reasons...

5/10/06 01:52  
Blogger Silencers said...

I can't go out without having my eyes becoming itchy and teary. It's just as bad [if not worse] here in KL!

5/10/06 11:28  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

The thing I feared had come to pass - I just got back from the clinic - one of the kids got conjunctivities and it's bad. Like one-eyed dragon now, all swollen & red. *Sigh* (Bracing myself for more to come..)

So, folks - take care & drink lots and lots of plain fresh water.

If u are fasting, better stay indoors as much as u can.

5/10/06 17:09  
Blogger PabloPabla said...

We should have sent our troops to help douse the fires than sending them thousands of kilometres away to keep peace. I believe the haze problem is much more urgent than the mid east standoff.

5/10/06 18:02  
Blogger mindfreak said...

i'm getting sicker and sicker because of the haze. me and my frens in cyber are coughing and sneezing from day to day.. why the haze is here... why? Indonesian should stop open burning at their farms.. uhukz!

5/10/06 21:53  
Anonymous Howsy said...

Eh, why no blog updates? Your this post has been picked up again by Global Voices Online. So, better update now! :P

9/10/06 19:09  
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