Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh dear!

My very dear friends and readers, (I'm privately amused by this line: dear, dear blog friends I have a few, but readers ?? tsk!)

I'm sorry for the lack of updates.

Something unexpected cropped up and it has disrupted my routine. It's nothing tragic, so no worries there. However, writing/blogging takes time and unfortunately, I'm just too tied up at the moment to do so.

Meanwhile, I'm also sad to hear that my good friend Dr Yeoh aka Maverick intends to take a long break from blogging due to various commitments. What a damper to my mood ... :(

I shall be back later, if you care to wait.

Oh well - I'm off now to make some lemonades. Bye!



Blogger Helen said...

Lemonade? More sugar, OK? It's already sour enuff reading the recent news.. lol

All the best to you and hope you'll be back soon.

11/10/06 20:01  
Blogger Fashionasia said...

I want some too..

11/10/06 20:51  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

Hi AM, I am indisposed but I can come here to read your postings...but lazzzzzyyyyyy!!!!

11/10/06 22:04  
Blogger Kenny Ng said...

Take ur time... I can wait.

11/10/06 23:05  
Blogger PabloPabla said...

I hope it is not the Special Branch at your doorsteps!

Take care!

12/10/06 14:39  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Helen: Thanks for the support!

Ms Fashion: Looks like it's my turn to make lemonades now, huh? Hope things r looking up better on ur side now. :)

Mave: Yeah - do come around & shake things up abit every now & then, okay? I wanna sleep a while longer for now.

Kenny: Thanks - u r so sweet!!

Pablopabla: Heheh ... where got so lucky one??? LOL

15/10/06 13:25  
Anonymous howsy said...

Haiyo...still notchet update har...better update on Monday okay!!!

16/10/06 02:27  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Okay Howsy - I will do an update for u!!!

16/10/06 11:54  

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