Monday, May 08, 2006

Confessions of an MB

Do you know what it takes to become the MB of Selangor?

Amongst many things that you must do, first, you have to DREAM.

And, do you know what you should do if you want to have a beautiful wife?

Yes, you must also DREAM.

Dream on, folks! And oh yeah, before I forget, you must also say a prayer to accompany your dreams each night! After all, you need the help of a higher power to MOVE your dreams.

The mentri besar of Selangor has enlightened us with this amazing revelation in the papers today:-

A DREAM can come true if one works hard for it. This is the advice of Datuk Seri Dr Mohamed Khir Toyo, who once dreamt of becoming a mentri besar.

“At UM (Universiti Malaya), I concentrated on my studies and each night before sleeping, I would say a prayer to become a mentri besar." ...

Dr Khir recalled that he first wanted to be a politician when he was in Year Five.

“One day, our teachers told us to line up along the road to greet Dr Mahathir, who was visiting Sabak Bernam. While walking past the students, Dr Mahathir looked at me and shook my hand. I knew then I wanted to be a mentri besar.” ...

Dr Khir even quipped that “if you want a beautiful wife, you must dream. That’s how I got Datin Zaharah Kechik!”


Now, let's see. Has he been bitten by the "Swellitis" bug?

Dr Khir was appointed by Dr M to the post of Selangor mentri besar on 18 August 2000.

That means, he has held the post for almost six years.

Now, let us do a little re-cap and ask ourselves what the good doctor has done to make Selangor residents a happy and satisfied lot since his ascension to this powerful position. Or better still, take a look at the following newspaper reports to get some answers to the question:-

- The root of public discontent in Selangor.

- MPPJ billboards: Who's hoarding all the millions?

- MPPJ city status: costly celebrations?

- Arrest problems, says Pak Lah

- Residents living in fear.

- Selangor tops in crime rate.

- Selangor local authorities masih tak O.K!

- Selayang councilmen fiasco.

I think it would be mighty interesting if Citizen Nades of The SUN were to write a little summary of how much Selangor has changed throughout the good doctor's tenure as the MB. I'm sure it will be pretty revealing and entertaining.

Going by the kind of reports we have been reading in the papers, it does seem to me that the most obvious is the rise of the little emperors, little napoleons and mini warlords exerting their power and influence like menacing tentacles stretching in all directions, contributing to the increasing misery of the rakyat who has to deal with them, not to mention those who have to live and play by the rules they enacted.

Well, six years is a pretty long time and a pretty good opportunity to work wonders with the power that is in one's hands. But that same six years can also wreck much havoc to the system which will probably take another six years to reverse.

Are Selangor folks game for another round of six years?

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Blogger Maverick SM said...

Hei, you are keeping records of one MB. Someday, you can write is biograph.

8/5/06 22:10  
Blogger howsy said...

Or direct one Hollywood biopic titled: "Semuanya OK!". I'll be betting big for this film to win the Oscars!

8/5/06 23:37  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

LOL - wrong on both counts! You guys are funny, and sweet. :)

9/5/06 11:16  

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