Monday, November 12, 2007

Krishna's Homemade Deepavali Delights

As promised, (and in appreciation of her mooncake treats a few months' back), L's school buddy Krishna packed a selection of his mom's homemade Deepavali delights for her today.

My all-time favourite MURUKU and this one really is FIRST CLASS!

This sweet kuih tastes of ginger and spices, and I don't know what it's called!

These milky balls are also sweet with crushed peanuts and other stuff that melts in your mouth.

I've never seen this type of sweet before. I believe it is made with grated coconut.
It's nice, with a chewy texture and not too sweet.

As a tribute to Krishna's mom's excellent cooking skills, the MURUKU was all gone by the time I sat down to do this post. It really was THAT Good!!



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