Friday, November 02, 2007

Fear Factor

Used to be the spectre of "May 13" works like magic in previous election campaigns.

Perhaps this time, they need to increase the fear factor a notch by adding on another favourite bogeyman, this one with the added distinction of being well-understood by everyone from China to India.

From theSUN, page 8 November 2, 2007.

... Muhammad Taib especially asked Chinese voters in Kelantan not to support PAS or be used by the party to gain publicity.

On the ramifications of Kelantan's Chinese supporting PAS again, he said for one, PAS leaders could go to other states and tell the Chinese there not to shun the party as Kelantan's Chinese were not.

"Second, this would increase the pressure on Umno, and to counter PAS' publicity blitz," Umno may be forced to implement more Islamisation measures to retain or get more Malay support.

"If Umno does that, it may cause more dissatisfaction among non-bumiputras, or even BN component parties." (Emphasis in bold are mine.)

Anyone else wants to jump on the Islamophobia bandwagon?

I for one will take up the challenge to vote for PAS anytime just to dispel such silly notions.



Anonymous carboncopy said...

Not withstanding PAS's over zealous on policing morality in Kelantan (and Trengganu previously).

PAS might actually be a good government. Since PAS taken over Kelantan, there's ZERO news of corruption of the PAS state government.

ACA and PDRM have full powers and access to investigate PAS state government unlike BN government. Yet, not a single quip about corruption.

The only way to demon-ise PAS is through their ultra stand on certain issues.

2/11/07 14:18  
Blogger pablopabla said...

Frankly, I would rather have more opposition members in Parliament than what we have now. I don't foresee BN losing its majority but I would really love to see their numbers dropping so that they can stop their nonsense.

MT is just talking nonsense just like most of his compatriots. Totally no class.

2/11/07 16:55  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

I agree. I will vote for PAS. I had never feared PAS's Islam. In the history of PAS in Kelantan, they had never ever threatened the non-Muslims at any one time. In fact, when there's a need, they had stated empirically in no uncertain terms that if any one race has being threatened, they would defend that race. UMNO had so often threatened the Chinese - to bath in their blood or would be prepared to sacrifice them for their own race; ask Najib and Khairy. Go to YouTube and watch Harussani who threatened the Chinese (search YouTube: At The Crossroads - Malaysia)

2/11/07 21:37  

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