Friday, October 26, 2007

When it sucks to be The Other Malaysian

Another sad example of why it sucks to be The Other Malaysian in Bolehland.

A grandfather wrote a letter to theSUN today (at page 20, theSUN 26 October 2007) expressing his frustrations on how our system does not recognize and nurture the talents of Malaysians who does not belong to the “privileged group”.

You know, and I know, what I’m talking about here.

This sort of frustration is something that has long been tolerated by The Other Malaysians presumably because we don’t want any “trouble” of the bloody kind by people who have a tendency to run amok at the slightest hint of protest.

Now, I didn’t create this impression that certain groups of Malaysians are prone to run amok – actually a prominent politician declared that this is actually a trait that runs deep in the blood of his people. We shall just take his word for it since Malaysians are always expected to believe what our politicians tell us to be true.

Anyway, you can read the grandpa’s story at the end of this rant.

It is so easy to substitute the frustration of the old man on the lack of recognition for his grandchildren’s sporting talents to one written by, say another grandma, on the subject of her grandchild’s inability to gain admittance into a local university to study medicine despite being more than qualified to do so. Or another to … well, you fill in the blanks.

I’m sure you can find countless examples where many Other Malaysians have been frustrated in their efforts to serve the nation and be appreciated, recognized and justly rewarded for it. Sometimes, we give the impression that we don't have that many smart and clever Malaysians around who could do a really good job in the civil service and manage our public funds in such a way that we get real value for our taxpayers' money.

Instead, we continue with our old ways because the protection needs to go on. And on.

So, why should any of us be surprised that Malaysia finds it hard to retain key people and in the process, is slowly losing competency in our workforce because talent continues to take flight?

I'm not surprised because I fully understand how it feels to be The Other Malaysian in instances like this. I can feel the frustration of the old man. If you are also one Other Malaysian, you probably know that feeling too.

I don't expect there will be much meaningful changes in the system during my lifetime. Simply because I see a crop of future leaders of my generation fighting for the same kind of protection to go on endlessly. Presumably for political survival reasons.

Besides, most Other Malaysians have adapted well to the system anyway. If we must, we probably would do what the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong used to say, "Mana ada lubang, masuk!".

Even if that "lubang" is far away from our shores.


Desearving athletes ignored by aid givers

I REFER to the very interesting article by Terence Fernandez in the company of sports legends (Down to Earth, Oct 18).

The paragraph about Nicol David doing the right thing to train in Amsterdam to avoid "interference from these monkeys", prompts me to bring up a similar matter.

My grandsons have brought fame to the country through their sport.

To protect them from future repercussions, I shall not reveal more, only to say that they have won several international championships and have even made it into the record books.

While we are thankful with the partial scholarship from a government-linked company, I must say that there has been no aid from the government or youth and sports ministry.

The parents have used all their savings and had to borrow money to make the annual trips abroad for the family, so that the boys can compete.

A friend observed that their treatment is different from that of other athletes. My son would have been given a Datukship and a bungalow for producing world champions while my grandsons would be greeted with the kompang upon their return to KLIA.

We are not asking for all these riches and rewards, but the silence and disinterest of sports officials are deafening indeed. The lack of financial and professional support is disheartening to both parents and athletes.

How are we supposed to groom them to greater heights?

How do we ensure a cogent sports development programme when sports administrators pick and choose whom they want to help?

Sad grandfather
via e-mail
(published in theSUN on Friday, 26 October 2007)


Just one feeling - LIKE THEY CARE ...

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Blogger Maverick SM said...

Skin is a color,
and it matters,
like it or not,

Nothing will change,
you can moan, and groan,
What matter is,
Will it cause us to tail, or fail.

Life is our own destination,
For we will be what we want it to be,
Irrespective of others, do or don't.

Only the tough will get going,
when the going gets tough.
Despair isn't in our vocab,
For we will get there with what we had.

In the land of discrimination,
Only the discriminated understands,
But they will fight the fight,
And succeed where the milkers stares in envy.

27/10/07 11:57  
Blogger Helen said...

I read your post and I feel sad. What I am afraid is one of these days I'll read another one and I no longer feel the sadness. I'm worried I've learned to accept it as the norm.. biasa.

I really hope that day won't come when people on this land accept what is handed down to them. :-)

27/10/07 18:00  
Blogger zewt said...

this is just the tip of the ice berg... my pastor said something very profound today...

many ppl think that there are a lot of mess in the internet and all these letters... the thing is... the mess is already there, internet just reveals them... dont u think so?

28/10/07 16:54  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Mave: Thanks for sharing that little poem with us here. I believe you understand this problem more deeply than most.

Helen: We feel sad because we cared about where Malaysia is heading and what the future holds for Other Malaysians like us. I guess when we start not to care at all, we will have half a foot (if not both) in another country where our talents & contributions matter.

Zewt: Yes, I agree with you. But then again, ppl like Nazri boldly declares that the majority (I guess he means "THEM") really don't give a hoot to how the minority ("US"?) feel about the whole issue.

After all, they believe it is their God-given right to plunder their own bumi to the ground.

Thank you all for dropping your comments. It kinda feel nice to me. :-)

28/10/07 18:10  

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