Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Eschew obfuscation?

Well, Nazri certainly won't subscribe to plain speak if it doesn't quite suit his purpose.

As Mave noted, he tried hard to use "linguistic philosophy" in shooting down the suggestions made by His Highness Sultan Azlan Shah for Judicial Reform.

And when is an apology not an apology for calling (MP for Bukit Gelugor) Karpal Singh’s use of a wheelchair as “a punishment from God”?

Mr Bad from Jerai finally tendered his "sincerest apology to Bukit Gelugor" and the handicapped community.

But Mr Bad made a point to remind everyone that he is "... a kind and loving person but I felt I was being provoked during the debate with Opposition members."

“Since it’s the Syawal month, it’s the right time to seek forgiveness for the wrongs that we have made. I don’t want to offend anyone. I’m a caring person. Sometimes, tears well up in my eyes when I see a disabled person who had to be carried by his mother,” he added.

Oh boy ... how touching ...

and this is the best part of Mr Bad's little speech:-

Asked if this meant that he would not repeat those words in the House in future, Badruddin replied: “Oh no, I cannot say this. I’m only human.”

He certainly didn't leave us guessing as to his intentions, did he?

Sometimes, I get so much entertainment from the local papers that I wonder why I still need to subscribe to ASTRO!

Since I'm feeling light-hearted already, I'd like to share a little story here with you on how guarded language can be used to your advantage:-

A man was filling out a lengthy form in a doctor's office. He came to the part where he was asked to indicate his father's cause of death.

He was reluctant to state that his father had been hanged as a horsethief: so, after considerable pondering, he wrote:

"My father died at a public function where he was the guest of honour, when the platform on which he stood suddenly collapsed."



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