Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What are you made of?

The world seems to be made up of 3 basic types of humans.

The LOSERS are those who, due to an unfortunate mixture of genes and environment, seem incapable of making it in this close-grained world. They grope their way unhappily through life, blundering to disaster.

The USERS are the ones who use other people for their own ends. They may be either facile, gracious manipulators or unappealing and demanding tyrants.

The CHOOSERS are the people who set their own goals in life, chart their own course, and have enough time and energy left over to reach out to others along the way. They are richly repaid for this, for multitudes are waiting hungrily for that hand, that touch, that recognition.

CHOOSERS not only reach their goals; they carry others with them.

(Excerpt from Understanding People: The Art of Getting Along With People by Cecil G. Osborne, D.D.)



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