Friday, October 05, 2007

Shrinking by the day, our Ringgit and His brains

Toll increase, if any, will not burden the people — Samy Vellu

“What we want to achieve is a win-win situation whereby the people won’t feel the pinch while the concessionaires will be a satisfied lot," he says. (New Straits Times, 5 October 2007.)


Mr Vellu has lived long enough in this country to know that the voters will continue to vote him in despite all the stupid speeches he makes in public.

He also lived long enough to feel confident that the rakyat, disgusted though they are with the increasing tightening of their belts by rising prices of essential goods and services in this country, will remain civilised enough not to pelt him with rotten eggs for contributing to the shrinking value of their Ringgit.

Thus, we are all deemed stupid enough to believe Mr Vellu that by increasing the toll charges, it will not be a burden to road users at all.

In fact, we should all be happy that we are contributing to the increased satisfaction level of the toll concessionaires whose welfare and happiness is of utmost importance to the government and its leader who urged us to "work with him, not for him."

Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang.



Blogger Helen said...

Yeah, Mr Value can always hide behind his plantation votes when GE comes. Scared? Nay. Take responsibility for his words? What for?

He knows he'll get through. ;-(

5/10/07 18:35  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

And we also know he will. ;-(

5/10/07 18:39  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

I don't have the problem with the increase in toll charges. But the nation as a whole are draining the society and impoverishing the middle and lower income earners.

Yet, we have no answer to the system decay and a corrupted government. Somehow race and religion were used to divide the people and put fear unto a single class of people such that they would, in all their dilemma, continues to feel protected under the grills of the shark.

It will have a take a few more years of worsening economic situations, and a greater poverty level to wake the nation up to realise the need of change.

However, the paradoxical scenarios is that there ain't a better alternative around - we may overthrow a thief and replace him with a far greater robber.

5/10/07 21:41  
Anonymous carboncopy said...

I stand corrected.

But as far as I know. Malaysia is the only country which have a PRIVATE company collecting tolls on a PUBLIC road.

We also have a PRIVATE company collecting "entry fees" to Gua Tempurung.

8/10/07 17:07  

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