Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Is Pak Lah sprinting towards his last lap?

I was doing quite a bit of reading in fellow bloggers' websites and just now when I was at my cyber-friend HJ Angus' blog, I made a comment which I would like to share with my readers here.

Lately, we have seen many incidents which would not have escaped the attention of our Prime Minster, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi or more affectionately known as Pak Lah.

From various troubles with the police force, the mismanagement by state agencies to the embarrassing public dressing-down given by the former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, we can pretty much guessed that Pak Lah has reason to be more than a little worried that his credibility as well as reputation has taken a huge beating.

Well, you can't possibly expect to achieve a momentous election victory of almost 92% voters' confidence without the ensuing burden of living up to their expectations of you making good all your election promises and bravado sloganeerings, can you?

And how much more time does he have to prove himself the worthy crown holder?

By the looks of it, if the good old doctor does not succeed in striking him down with further attacks and deadly tactical moves soon, in all probability the trusted civil service as well as the wakil rakyat will provide the finishing touch.

A quick and cursory look at what has been going on within the civil service departments and all the combined efforts of the little and big Napoleans and you will get the picture.

We can hand it in to these guys to do him in when all else fails.

After all, they have ample experience in stirring up anger and disgust among the rakyat (read: voters) by their sheer stupidity, or is it all a calculated move in brilliant disguise?

Such a pity.

After the first 12 months of honeymoon, followed by the next 12 months of feeling around and finally some signs of actually waking up to the huge responsibilities of the job in hand, will he be able to muster enough strength to sprint the last lap towards the finishing line?

Or will he find, to his utter regret, that during his slumber, he did not see the many obstacles thrown into his path by all those Napoleans determined to trip him up and see him fall flat on his face?

He'd probably be left wondering how he could have missed seeing all those potholes and oilslicks dotted in front of him.

Such a shame indeed. He was such a hero back in 2004. Now, even if he isn't yet a Zero, he is coming quite close to it.

How did he let it all turn so sour so quick?



Anonymous Rem said...

Insightful analysis. I have this feeling that Pak Lah (probably) won't survive this one. Hmmm..

11/7/06 20:29  
Blogger Helen said...

I wouldn't call that quick... it's slow and humilating at best. I think the landslide victory was the direct result of Tun's long, long term in office. People were anticipating a whiff of fresh air, but, since the sampah is still there, the stink eventually came back in no time. :-)

11/7/06 21:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too often I've seen posts stating that Pak Lah has the support of 92% of the rakyat as per the last election. You guys are ever so ignorant. While rakyat was responsible for electing BN to power, they cannot elect who is to be the PM. Only the 100 odd divisional heads of UMNO can decide that!!

11/7/06 23:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adding to anonymous' comment, I don't think 92% of the voters voted for BN.


12/7/06 01:55  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

I ought to have made it clearer that in predicting that Pak Lah might not survive the beatings, I am actually saying that UMNO/BN will suffer the fall out from the soured love affair btw the rakyat and Pak Lah in the next GE.

And much as I feel that anonymous commenters should voice their comments credibly by giving a semblance of identity, it is not ignorance that makes me put in the 92% figure.

Of course, as anon banana said, that 92% does not represent the whole 92% of Malaysian voters. We all know that.

But it is easier and make the postings shorter by giving a simplistic picture of Pak Lah's huge victory. Going into details would have made my posting unreadable.

12/7/06 11:28  
Blogger desiderata said...

anak m + helen:

Why are you ppl SO pessMIStic? I said it once, I say it agin -- there are no 2 asses in pessiMIStic!

You yourself noted __ after 22 long years, you think the successor can do Hop. Step & Jump?
YOu think you can just CHOP OUT the canverous cells in UMNO, just lidat?
Hey, realpotilik is dealing with the (art of the) POssible.

I pose a Q: What OPTIONS do you hhave if you keep on flaming Pak Lah, the Person?
Flame the blardy F***up systme perpetuated the last 22 years -- most people would have just sank themselves into RESIGNATION (2 senses of the word!)

Just remidning that "Rome is not built in a day", I wish you dissect the following:

* MAS sues Tajudin Ramli
**Danaharta usues Rahid Hussein Bank
***Metramac case in court, plus many more to come...
****Latest case of Ruling on Serban -expulsion of the 3 pupils who challenged the school regulations

But I stress that I have not come to a conclusion about Pak Lah's administration (it's 3 years); there are some indications of changes for the better -- acknowledgement of past mistakes is a starting point.
But in the longer term I would like to see TRUE REFORMS as advocated by former DPM Anwar Ibrahim, but I won't bore you here with an elaboration here (at my place over the wickedend where neother AM nor helen can blow the Whsitle!;)-- IsyaAllah...have been saying the LOts these days!:don no y!(

14/7/06 17:09  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Pak Lah may be working feverishly behind the scenes and I DO (believe it or not) want him to succeed as the best ever PM Malaysia ever had.

But he is sending wrong signals to the rakyat with his bravado sloganeerings knowing full well that he is saddled with the kind of problems that he could not possibly overcome so easily. So, whose fault is it when people start to sneer at his grand promises?

And if, as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr M stood tall as the man of ultimate authority, how is it that Pak Lah as the Prime Minister finds himself being contradicted time and time again by those below him? This is something which is most puzzling and exasperating to us.

I'm not out to flame him as a person. Like many others, what I do is just to raise the alarm before it is too late.

I just want to flame his desire to leave a legacy that bespeaks his good intentions and good reputation.

And whether it is too soon to prove his worth or not, the fact remains that his term of office is as much in the hands of the UMNO elite as it is with the voters sentiment on the ground come the next round of GE.

You have truly misunderstood me if you think I am anti-Pak Lah.

14/7/06 19:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pak lah is a stupidos...how can he become our leader..just imagine..he can't even control his minister.... and also UMNO delegates...who screwed up on their speech. they r suppose to be put in ISA as the goverment policies said one of them never ..taunt ther races..

what did pak lah do he sat there and laugh his arse out

is that the leader you guys wants... just think of it ..it makes me wanna puke..on his f**king face....pak lah u should go and bang al-gore....

28/11/06 19:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

18/4/07 14:30  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

I am sorry I had to delete the last anon comment because I cannot stomach some of language being used. I believe you can still get your message across in a civil manner. Thank you.

18/4/07 21:33  

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