Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dr M's Sting (Ep. 12 - A Proxy Fight)


What's this from Nazri Aziz?

“Sekarang duduk dalam parti pun macam pembangkang, lebih baik jadi jantan, keluar dan bangkang kita terus dan senang saya nak hentam. Sekarang kalau nak lawan dia, saya teragak-agak kerana dia bekas presiden kita (Umno),” katanya pada sidang akhbar di lobi Parlimen. (Berita Harian Online, 27 June 2006.)

This must be the dumbest thing I've read so far in the saga of Dr M-Pak Lah.

Speaks a whole lot about what's to come, without a single word from the man himself.

Not very elegant.

Downright "kasar" and "tidak beradab".

You wouldn't say such things to your grandfather of 81, would you? No matter how "tidak nyanyuk" he's become.

Be lah gentleman sikit! There are many ways to skin a cat, if that's your ultimate intention.




Blogger Fashionasia said...

hehe..ya know why they all so kasar?
coz its payback time!! seems that when they were younger and Dr.M in his prime, they always kena bashing teruk teruk...

27/6/06 18:32  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

If Malaysians are construed rude, Nazri is not just rude, he is KUrang Ajar. No matter how angry he is, he is a Malay and he must have those traits and values that accompanied a respected Muslim.

27/6/06 20:12  
Blogger Twisted Heels said...

Betul frus and fuss! Hehe.

I guess 'siapa yang makan cili, dialah yang rasa pedas.'

28/6/06 06:10  
Blogger Helen said...

Mr Aziz has no need to pick a fight with an 80+ old man to prove his manhood. If he wants to retaliate, go on a debate with the old man lar...

Maybe Mr Aziz watches too many WWF. He's starting to talk like em wrestlers...

28/6/06 11:54  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

In the fight to get on the gravy train, somehow they have discarded the "budaya Melayu" slogan they so love to trumpet during good times.

28/6/06 12:01  

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