Monday, June 26, 2006

Dr M's Sting (Ep. 11 - Don't be a chicken!)

That dialogue which lasted more than 2 hours at the Kelab Century Paradise organised by Malaysia-Today was all Dr M needed to renew his attack on the current administration.

I must say, at more than 80 years old, Dr M has not lost any of his caustic wit which had his 600-odd listeners standing in rapt attention, at times drowning the man in thunderous roar of approval. If you don't believe me, you can download the video at Malaysia-Today's website and hear for yourself. He was truly in his element.

Not surprisingly, none of the mainstream media wanted to have anything to do with it. It was THAT embarrassing.

But, you can read a report filed in The Straits Times here, headlined "Mahathir strikes again." In another article filed by the same reporter, she claimed that "Opposition now instant fans of former prime minister" and another one with the title "Swipe at Premier's advisers."

I think from the extensive coverage given by the Singapore's Straits Times, they were equally concerned about Dr M's very public criticisms especially when the ex-PM accused the tiny island state of being selfish and that "with Singapore, you cannot negotiate or smile."

I kind of got the impression that Dr M just could not stomach the fact that under Pak Lah's administration, the relationship between Malaysia and Singapore has warmed somewhat and that both sides have taken a softer & more diplomatic approach in negotating contentious issues involving the sovereignty of both countries.

It's not much different with Australia either. And probably with a whole bunch of Dr M's self-proclaimed enemies.

He sure is spoiling for a fight. What else did you expect him to do? He just could not stand it anymore.

And Kalimullah Hassan, in his last Sunday Column article for the NST "Sometimes you've got to fight when you're a man" is not much better. It appears to the reader that he's egging Pak Lah to take on Dr M and give him what he wants - a black eye, perhaps?

But wait a minute - what's the point of it?

What's the whole point of just answering one man's questions and justifying your administration to ONE man?

What about US? Why not try to shake off that lethargy and get moving now? Try to do one thing at a time - among some IMPORTANT things which all of us have been holding our breathe for you to take action.

Like, for a start, implement the IPCMC first. This should get the whole country (and quite a few opposition leaders) rallying behind you with a thunderous roaring support to drown out one man's rant.

Then, before the euphoria has died down, take the bull by the horns and reshuffle that montrous size cabinet and get rid of some loud-mouthed deadwoods as well as some notoriously unrepentant recalcitrants.

Clap, clap, clap. Another round of applause and "Pak Lah BOLEH!".

And later, look at what can be done to weed out incompetent and corrupt officers who have been getting away with running local government offices like their very own mini-empires.

And you'll have the voters eating out of your hands in the next General Election.

You see, this is what most people on the ground want to see you do.

Because they elected you to make their lives a whole lot better than it was in the previous administration. Those very people who slog for a living and who didn't benefit from APs and government contracts and handouts which made a select and privileged few bumiputras into super rich and famous "entrepreneurs".

The bottom line is, and this is sad - nothing much has changed for the ordinary folks - most would even claim that things have gotten worse in the past 2 and a half years. They have gotten poorer because their real income has shrunk with higher costs of living.

And some people continue to use public funds for the sole pleasurable benefit of a select few.

Can you blame them for getting restless and angry?



Blogger Maverick SM said...

What you hear is not what it is. The fight is not about the 4-issues. It's more than eyes and ears have seen and heard. It's because of shadow politiking, the king-makers' game.

26/6/06 20:50  
Blogger desiderata said...

maverick sm:

You are getting nearer the core issue -- at the end of IT ALL, it's the spoils of te victor, at the "retired" (retried?) victor's expense.

It's NOT over until that DFAT lady sings her swan song, at the sext UMNO General Assembly; if earlier, Pak Lah has to answer his Election pledges to the GE2004 4electorate, as urged by Anak M here. (And M is definitely not for Mahathir...:(

What follows is strictly from a newsman's lens ~~But along the way, I wish to see the Star's GEIC's head chopped OFF...about time. Then you saw the story, now you don't. Nasri's challenge -- Be a man! DO YOUR JOB!

If you can't or won't just step aside. OR jump ship. Watever, just don't call yourself a journo.

26/6/06 22:38  
Blogger howsy said...

Here comes Howsy to make a complete Fab Four ;P.

I'm all with AM's opinion, actually. Do the (incomplete) "Top 10 To-do List" and let me tell you the rakyat would jump on him and kiss his feet.

Desi, which Wong stepped on your tail? But you're right, these ball-lickers ought to be punished sometime, someday.

27/6/06 03:19  
Blogger H J Angus said...

unfortunately the press is not free in Malaysia.

I watched "All the President's Men" on Astro recently and that movie showed how a free press could cause the US President to resign. It was a cover-up that involved the White House and the FBI.

But because the press and TV are so influential, even the White House could not do enough damage control.

In Malaysia we have become less free with more years of independence and Dr M has been part of the problem.

We should never let individuals become greater then the system and 8 years should be the max

27/6/06 11:10  
Blogger desiderata said...

hj angus:

wisdom comes with AGE, so you Younger ones here -- mave and Howsy, you are below age of non - diseent right! never voted at GE...-- take not of myGOoDfriend's hj's words.

Two tehtarik -- to Hj and Desi only. The others can help themselves, Y&A...Fab 4/ or 3Ms?

27/6/06 14:05  
Blogger H J Angus said...

R U sure age=wisdom?

Looking at Malaysia, theory not proven lah!

27/6/06 18:08  

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