Thursday, July 06, 2006

Brave Nades continues to flog the dead horse (or is it possum?)

A few days ago, I asked the question:- Will they pay attention to a Sultan?

Yesterday, R. Nadeswaran in his Citizen Nades column with The SUN made the following remarks:-

"Did we send a group of people who are incompetent to represent the interests of the people or did we send those who are experts at political apple polishing and defending their political masters, however wrong they are?

They seem to have forgotten that the key issue is the people's money, which is being dished out like Christmas presents by Santa Claus. The PAC has been entrusted with safeguarding public expenditure, and here we have a group that does not seem to care where and how the money is disbursed."

It's been a 365 days long season of merriment for these merrymen and no one wants the party to stop, if they can help it. I wondered whether even a Sultan can break it up since everyone is now keen to adopt the "elegant silence" method of dealing with controversies.

But Mr Nades is not letting up, instead he is trying to strike the iron while it's still hot. Yeah - three cheers to Citizen Nades!

In his No Punches Pulled column in The SUN today, he said:-

"... The Star said Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has ordered newly-appointed Petaling Jaya Mayor Datuk Ahmad Termizi Puteh to explain why the city council is dragging its feet in stopping the excessive number of illegal billboards.

The Sultan, the newspaper said, also wants to find out more about the mounting complaints from the public and press reports about the proliferation of billboards in the city.

But will the mayor or the councillors of the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) be bothered about the Sultan's remarks?

Not likely, because they are little emperors who believe they are untouchable. Otherwise, would they have acted in contempt of law and procedures over the years?

No, they care two-hoots about comments and criticism. If they were really concerned, they would have replied and rebutted each and every word that had been written in this column.

No, it is their God-given right to play deaf, dumb and blind and they played the role of little Napoleans to the hilt.

Even the Prime Minister's gentle advice - facilitate, don't frustrate - does not exist in their minds. ..."

Do you agree that Mr Nades deserves more than THREE CHEERS for speaking up tirelessly on behalf of the rakyat, again and again?

I salute this man for not throwing in his towel despite the huge odds stacked against him in demanding transparency and accountability from our public servants. Yes, ... servants, not lords, emperors, napoleans, tai-kors, big boss or bullies.

It matters not one bit what sort of slogan Pak Lah churns out every now and then.

Like Mr Nades said in his closing paragraph of today's article:-

"So, when will all government departments and agencies answer the clarion call by the PM for openness?

So, how and where the money goes is only known to those who receive and spend it.

That speaks volumes for the country's first fully developed state and the country's latest city."

Well said.

Let us all now wait for an "elegant response" from the jokers.



Blogger The Malaysian. said...

Citizen Nades is one the most respected critics who does not mince his words. If I were on the receiving end of his criticism I would have been terribly ashamed but these bastards in local authorities are made of much thicker skins.

6/7/06 13:38  
Blogger Helen said...

Citizen Nades got my respect. In fact, the only reason I go Sun website is to read him. :-) Oh, not to mention his wicked humor! LOL

6/7/06 17:12  
Anonymous julthefool said...

Ya he has a good point about them ignoring criticism; they have heard it all before and don't care. This is probably compounded by the fact that they do get away with it usually, so the best tactic is to remain silent and not stir s**t.

6/7/06 17:40  
Blogger desiderata said...

Hey anak M: I come here holding a "white flag", so don't mesingun me, okay? Semuanya OK!

Yes, I join thee in saluting Nades. I had saluted him a few times before; I esp ENJOY his dig at that Tan Sri fellow who "betrayed" his party at critical time, nbow sits in several blue chip boardrooms.

Driving(or chauffered now? must confirm with bro Nades!) around in a Mercs, receiving MP and S pensions plus +, and he's flagging himself everyday as "social activist", methinks the journos got the wlong word, actor?

7/7/06 22:34  
Blogger desiderata said...

sorry, aM mui-mui: "MP and SA...", the latter for State Assemblyman ...pensions.
Now do I get a Tehtarik, tak dak manis oso cun!:)

7/7/06 22:36  

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