Friday, June 02, 2006

First world public toilets in Malaysia

If you have ever travelled the length and breathe of Malaysia via its highways and trunk roads, you will probably agree with me that the one truly first-world standard public toilets in this country are to be found in the Tapah R&R.

Whether you make a stop at the Tapah North or the Tapah South R&R along the North-South Highway, you can assuredly step into the public loos with confidence that your appetite will not be ruined by the experience.

It is really not too difficult to understand why.

Despite the huge number of visitors daily, the maintenance staff have done an admirable job in keeping the place clean and tidy all the time. One or two workers are always around to ensure that no mess is left unattended and whatever rubbish that is carelessly strewn on the floor is immediately scooped up and deposited into the bin.

Clearly, the management team and its hardworking staff members have found the right formula on how to run a first class public facility. I wonder - did any one of them had to travel overseas to learn the trick?

Maybe they could teach the Selayang councilmen or for that matter any other local councils who have trouble keeping public toilets clean a thing or two. And the money saved from sending councilmen overseas can be better used to reward them instead. At least, they wouldn't waste precious time inspecting public toilets while on holiday, right?



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