Monday, May 22, 2006

Peace be with you, even if you disagree

"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish that they are after!"

- Henry David Thoreau

We cannot expect to find peace and harmony in our lives if we are only looking for people who agree with us.

The world consists of all types of individuals, each with their own perspective, each with their own individual opinions.

If we find happiness only when someone agrees with us, our moments of peace and joy will be very rare indeed.

We must learn to accept disagreement. We must learn to respect other points of view, other perspectives. We can find mutual harmony and peace if we can learn to agree to disagree.

As we begin to learn this on a personal individual level, agreeing to disagree without a fight, without an argument, we can then begin to pass this lesson along to our friends and our neighbours, our family and our co-workers.

As we begin to accomplish this on a daily, individual basis, then we are contributing towards peace for all humanity.

(from TIME FOR JOY, Daily Affirmations by Ruth Fishel)


Blogger desiderata said...

anak merdeka:
At almost close of "business" day (cari-cari makan at!), i wafted into your terratry, and I though it was Sundae!:) This piece of philosophical reflection resembled some of my wickedend reflections. I wonder if I should stay here and refuse to leave. Mondae and other weakdaes full of politikus-ing, difigure my nerves and jag? (maked it jagged) my spirit!


Me so tired -- wnt to have another Hiatus -- like Howsy, SOON!:) no, not for 'training' like lunduner, for 'relaxation' by the sea. NO EYE SEE man's inhumanity to man ... see only the waves, birds and sunrise/ sunset...

22/5/06 23:01  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

I always long for a break after I come back from a break! P'raps we can sit down to a tehtarik for you and kopitarik for me a d tropical island watching the sunset & waves breaking??

I too want to lay off the politikus thingy for a while longer b'cos it does nothing to soothe the soul. So you will see more of the light & easy stuff here whenever I'm in the mood for it. Besides, I think my ER also as tired as me.

Howsy is gallivanting across Europe, Mave is buried in his books, you and I can explore the se7en seas together, yes? Cheers & bottoms up Desi!

23/5/06 09:09  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

P.S.:- I believe KLSe also giving you the woes lately Desi. Not the best of times to cari makan there at the moment. Getting out into the fresh open air and take a break while trying to see the BIG picture might give one a better perspective. Gooder Luck to you!

23/5/06 09:13  
Blogger Helen said...

Hmmm something soothing. :-)

Everybody wants a break eh? I'm planning mine. Not an easy task when you have 5* taste and 1* income. :-( lol

23/5/06 09:45  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Hi Helen! Meet u in Redang?

23/5/06 09:52  
Blogger desiderata said...

anak merdeaka & helen:

what's this CONspiracy being hatched in Redang?

AM``don't be MISSled I play the KLSE market to earn the kaya thrown in sumtimes with my B&B; it's puttiung my "writing" skills to good use as KLSEtracker is a facts-based, archival online paper to help INVESTORS make wise investment decisions, NOT treta the market like a caSINo!:)

I came by to "pluck" some vegetable -- pauper or church mousey writer, remember?

Helen, yes, I'm going back to Code, coco cola, and codeine,
by the se@sunrise or set,
but it's not @Redang -- I'll leave both am and thee to "plot" your kapohCIK stories which this enCIK vely sked to cuntripuke...oops, soly my sperr poor -- too tired by DatInitiative!:(

24/5/06 21:39  

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