Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Boh Sg. Palas Tea Plantation

This is the last of the series I am posting on my recent trip to Cameron Highlands. I thought I might as well get it all out at once, hence all these pictures that I want to share with you in one go.

I really like the tea plantations which should be obvious to you by now! You might think that one tea plantation could not be any different from another in Cameron Highlands.

Well, I think each is unique in their own way. Take the terrain that dotted the Boh Sg. Palas Tea Plantation. It certainly looks different from the view seen at the Bharat Valley Plantation.

No less charming, the undulating hills and valleys were dotted with tea bushes, in some parts rather flat and in others the slopes looked frighteningly steep.

The very narrow road leading to the viewing point was chocked with traffic on the May day I was there. Which is most unfortunate because it also happened to be a Saturday following the Wesak Day public holiday and the whole highland was crawling with busloads of tourists.

Seeing that it was a deadlock after idling for 20 minutes, we were lucky to be able to reverse our vehicle and turn back down the road. Still, I got to take some lovely pictures of the rolling hills and valleys and it is still an amazing sight. The weather was perfect, the skies were blue and the scenery was stunning.

One Mat Salleh visitor clearly enjoyed it as much as I did.

I really had fun doing these stuff and am actually quite pleased with the way some of the pictures turned out. Posting it here is like writing a diary of sorts for me.

I shall be taking another break soon. Like HJ, I'm feeling like I'm heading no where with this blog. What next? I'm running out of ideas. Anyone wants to give me some feedback?



Blogger Fashionasia said...

izzit still cold up there?
the last time i went to frasers hill was not cold at all!! i guess cameron should be colder...

24/5/06 10:57  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

What are you doing there, honey?

Isn't it too long a vacation?

24/5/06 12:06  
Anonymous Jee said...

Same question as fashionasia perhaps.. how is the coolness on Cameron nowadays.

Nice photos, Cameron still please the eyes of scenic scenes.

Haven't been there for ages, perhaps it's time to go again.

24/5/06 14:13  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Hi Fashionasia & Jee! I haven't been up to Frasers' Hill for years but I'd say Genting Highlands felt colder than Cameron at the time I was there. Even at night when it rained, the temperature hovered around 18deg.C which is not exactly cold, right?

I'm glad Jee enjoyed the photos. Yeah - it's a very scenic place. I'd like to go back again when I have the time.

Actually Mave, I wasn't holed up there as long as you might think from the number of photos I put up. I was just very trigger happy with my IXUS. Definitely want to spend a more leisurely time on my next trip.

Wouldn't it be nice if life is one long vacation Mave??

Cheers to all of you!

24/5/06 15:22  

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