Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cute but oh so prickly

I am not exactly a cactus fan, but Alice is.

She insisted that I take pictures of those myriad pots of cactuses while we were at The Cactus Point in Cameron Highlands recently since I refused to buy them all for her. I did however compromised and allowed her to choose non-spiky ones in the bargain corner where you get six mini-pots for RM10. That way, she get to leave the place happy and I don't have to worry she got poked by the needles in the car.

I do find them quite lovely especially those that have colourful blooms sitting pretty like a little cap on top of the cacti. I'm just not very comfortable with the sharp needles, maybe because I was painfully poked by one such plant in my younger days.

But here they are. I hope readers who love them will enjoy these pictures!



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