Thursday, May 25, 2006

American Idol 2006 Results

Taylor Hicks is the new American Idol!!


The finale show was a blast, especially watching it live on ASTRO Star World Channel.

The one strange blip is when the screen turned blank for about 3 minutes when Ryan Seacrest introduced movie clippings from Brokeback Mountain.

For a horrible moment, I thought my TV conked out!

I don't want to speculate on why it happened. I'm just glad the show continued and we get a 30 second treat of three cowboys belting out whatever's left of the song on stage (presumably from the offensive movie??)

Anyway ...

HE won! And I'm uh ... so happy for him.

When he took over the stage to sing his new debut single "Do I Make You Proud" once again, I had goosebumps.

My eyes start to water.

Yeah, sentimental and emotional me. I share his joy and I cried.

Couldn't help myself there.

Oh man. What a great show and what a great ending.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

he may have won the contest - but i bet you he will end up like rubenn, and fantasia who cant sell records. He doesnt have the looks or the shape for the music business. Sorry, this is the postmodern "image" conscious music world.

25/5/06 11:18  
Blogger desiderata said...

anak merdeka:

As you enjoyed your show lust night, i just read THREE assuring voices and then adjourned for drinks with mGf at work -- discussing bussy time table ahead this remaining days of da weak.

Happy wickedned -- hope to catch repaet at 6.oopm -- Insyallah, or God Willing.:)

Have a nice dae! or sundae!

25/5/06 11:53  
Blogger cheng sim said...

yeah, i was kinda glad that Taylor Hicks won! although i think that Katherine McPhee has a better chance with the whole American Idol materiality. i saw Clay Aiken and he looks SO SO fine!

too bad there was no Idol winner performance like Fantasia, Ruben and Kelly. oh oh. Prince was there too! omg. so thrilling!

25/5/06 13:33  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

You cried for him? Oh, no... well, I sometimes do too.

25/5/06 20:35  
Anonymous julthefool said...

Ya I was pleased to see him win, the other women seemed so insipid...
I reckon one reason why he won was that he appealed to the 'American Spirit' (or whatever you want to call it): he was always thanking God and stuff, and yesterday he said something like "I'm living the American Dream!".
I wouldn't be surprised to see him turning up on the Bible Belt circuit.

26/5/06 13:39  

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