Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bharat Tea Valley in Cameron Highlands

From inside the car, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the rolling hills and valleys dotted with rows upon rows of tea bushes. Coming downhill from Brinchang towards the Cameron Bharat Plantations, I caught sight of the awesome landscape.

And the weather that morning was perfect! Blue skies and white puffy clouds welcomed me to the lush mountaineous expanse of various hues of green. Every now and then, I am greeted with splashes of colour in the form of blooming flowers by the roadside, some of them part of the planned landscape while others clearly grew wild and free.

I stare and stare at the wonder of God's creation.

As I stepped out of the car upon reaching the Cameron Valley Tea Shop, I am greeted with the refreshing burst of fragrance carried from the tea bushes in the valley below by a gentle breeze. I find it very uplifting and stood a moment, inhaling deeply and allowing the soothing scene to fill my senses and clear away the cobwebs in my mind.



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