Friday, May 19, 2006

14 years to deter snatch thieves

I don't know if threatening to put snatch thieves behind bars for 14 years will actually deter these scums from prowling our streets. If I am not mistaken, the death sentence imposed on kidnappers and gunrunners has not deterred some from carrying on such despicable acts.

Anyway, today's news in the NST carried the following message:-

Stiffer Sentences
V. Anbalagan

KUALA LUMPUR: Under a significant tightening of the criminal laws, snatch thieves could face 14 years in jail, and husbands could spend five years behind bars for even threatening to hurt their wives in order to have sex with them.

These are among amendments to the Penal Code proposed by a parliamentary select committee. These changes and other amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code are scheduled to be debated during the next sitting of the Dewan Rakyat next month.

The move by the committee to push for stiffer sentences for snatch theft will be welcomed by many Malaysians alarmed by the sharp increase in this crime in recent years.

In 2004, there were 11,536 snatch thefts. Latest figures show that in the first eight months of 2005, there were 8,000 cases. From feedback received during their meet-the-people sessions, the select committee concluded that the public felt that snatch thieves were getting away lightly. “The committee believes that this is a very serious offence and is in full sympathy with victims and their family members. As such, we propose that snatch thefts be classified as robbery and not theft,” it said in a report to Parliament.

The committee believes that the maximum 14 years in jail would be an effective deterrent. Currently, snatch thieves face up to seven years in prison.



Although I welcome whatever positive moves on this subject matter which is close to my heart, I still believe prevention is always better than the cure. It may be better for all concerned if our police officers could step up enforcement in this area of concern.

For a start, let's see the return of our friendly neighbourhood mata-mata who used to offer their comforting presence and were very much a part of the local community. Back then, our parents regarded these officers in rather high esteem instead of the ridicule they are facing from the public these days.


Blogger Helen said...

I know we feel strongly whenever there is some poor snatch thief victim lying in the hospital somewhere. Feelings aside, IMHO, the sentencing should befit the crime.

If, killing somebody gets you 8-15yrs prison time, it is mind boggling to accept stealing/robbing getting 14 yrs. Is the severity of the crime the same between stealing and taking away somebody's life?


19/5/06 14:46  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

It's hard to compare apples and oranges Helen.

Snatch thieves have caused much havoc to our society and many victims have even died or were maimed by them. Actually 14 years is supposed to be the max the judge can impose on the offender.

I do appreciate whatever effort the govt takes in trying to reduce the rising cases of such crime. It may seem petty to impose such a heavy penalty for stealing/robbery but the fact remains that people DO die as a result of these scums.

Nevertheless, I respect your opinion on this matter and your right to express it. Thanks for the feedback. It gives a different perspective to this issue.

19/5/06 19:01  
Blogger mahaguru58 said...

I for one would like the courts to mete out stronger sentences on these ruthless criminals.

Many a snatch theft victim have died as a result of being ruthlessly dragged, cut with sharp weapons, bludgeoned and assaulted by these scum of society!

I propose that in cases where the victims died as a result of the attack, the perpetrators be put to death!

No questions asked. A life for a life. That is justice.

Putting the snatch thief or thieves behind bars only incurs additional expense of the prison authorities and such felons must not be spared the gallows!

In cases where the victims suffered serious injuries, the thiefs must be whipped at least 10 strokes and be incarcerated for at least 20 years before parole.

The laws of Man plays havoc with the true sense of justice for it is not as effective to be a deterrent to solving the crimes as do the Laws of God!

Mankind have only themselves to blame for the spiralling increase in all kinds of crimes in society.

25/5/06 11:38  

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