Thursday, April 20, 2006

This one just freaks me out

I came across this blog posting by accident.

And even though this had happened in December last year, still the impact of seeing the photograph of the poor guy just freaks me out.

An excerpt from the blog posting:-

Rosdee got robbed at a petrol station in JB (Johor Bahru), not far from customs, while topping up petrol for his bike. An innocent-looking Malay guy approached him for help, needed Rosdee to help him onto the roof to retrieve his bike keys. So Rosdee followed him to a corner, pointed to a roof and asked if it was the correct one. The moment Rosdee looked down, the guy took out a parang (Rosdee said it was more of a sword than a parang, because the tip was long enough to touch the ground). Rosdee was told to hand over all his valuables, but Rosdee said he had none. He wasn't intending to put up a struggle or anything.

The guy slashed his head three times. According to Rosdee, there was no pain at all, it felt like "being hit by a baseball bat" and "getting punched repeatedly". The guy ran and Rosdee stumbled over to his bike and waiting girlfriend, before collapsing. He was rushed to the nearby hospital where they stitched him up while he was in an unconscious state. That was 4pm. He was brought over to Singapore around 10pm yesterday night. Meanwhile, his bike got stolen, WITH the keys STILL at the petrol station, how fuckin-incredible the Johor people are.


This poor guy ended up with 5 stitches on the forehead, and 14 top to back and a slight crack on his skull.

By now, more than 4 months later after the horrifying incident, I believe the scars have healed but I don't think the emotional scar from this unwarranted attack will ever leave him or his girlfriend.

I wasn't aware of this when I blogged about the worrying crime rate in Johor Bahru here. And because that posting got highlighted in Global Voices Online, and subsequently, another blogger in Singapore linked my entry in her blog together with this one about Rosdee, that I got wind of it now.

Now, don't you agree that the Johor state government should take a more concerted effort in pushing for the SAFE CITY concept in Johor Bahru?

And what about on the Federal level? Can SOMEONE be serious about this issue of making our streets, homes and people safe? Or at the very least, safer than the level that we are seeing now?

Our authorities are doing a great job flushing out pirated VCD vendors and producers. And the same also goes for pirated software users in a nationwide crackdown under the "Ops Tulen" operation.

But what about petty and serious crime in our neighbourhood? In major cities, where we are seriously trying to lure tourists to visit and spend their precious money to boost the local economy?

Can the same zeal be shown in wiping out these robbers and thieves from attacking innocent people and breaking into our homes and steal our valuables, dignity, peace of mind and wrecking havoc to our sense of security?

We need to ensure that visitors to our country are treated with the best we have to offer in terms of our local culture, food and great shopping MINUS the possibility of being mugged and harmed by these scums of society.

Please, DO SOMETHING, for goodness sake!

Don't be so blind to this deteriorating situation. How many lives must be lost to rapists, robbers and snatch thieves before it warrant the serious attention of our leaders?

How did it happen that these scumbags are getting more in numbers and more daring in their deeds nowadays?

Someone must come up with a solution to protect us, and guests to this country, from further falling victim to them. Look, when people get hacked and women get robbed and assaulted at public places like petrol pump stations, something has gone very very wrong in this country.

And I just don't understand the fact that not ONE single Member of Parliament is making a concerted effort to address this issue.

And they waste their time talking about dumb stuff like how women should mind the way they dress to avoid being raped.



Blogger Kristine said...

My cousin's got robbed at a petrol station in JB too. One of them went to the toilet, leaving his sister and father in the car sleeping. The thief came in the car and grabbed their bags.

Not sure which petrol station though, but this was in the middle of the night

20/4/06 15:48  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

How do I join you on safe city concept?

Just blog articles or will you have a memo sent to PM and MB?

20/4/06 20:57  
Blogger desiderata said...

anak merdeka:
many city mayors "mahu cari-cari makan besar" only with Beautification projects, going after Hawkers, Pedlars instead of stepping up law enforcement, setting up Hawker's centres and proper low-cost centres for small traders.

Then they get angry when we (and also our neighbours from across the Cosway, including once a senior Minister!) ssay JB towen has become the Wilde, Wilde West, but it's no more The OK Corral, it's the KO KO Siau-Liau!

20/4/06 22:19  
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