Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wake up to the anger, Dollah!

The election may be over, but the anger is still bubbling.

Everywhere I go, I hear people scolding and scolding the government of Abdullah Badawi, the MCA, the MIC and even the almost dead & buried Gerakan.

At the petrol station, I hear people muttering curses at Dollah over the high petrol prices they have to pay now.

At the makan stalls, you can hear how the people have come to view MCA and Gerakan leaders as a huge embarrassment to the Chinese community.

While waiting for the kids to come through the school gates, the topic of conversation invariably includes a favourite question, "What the h*** is Pak Lah doing?"

The people are worried about bread and butter issues. Not exactly about whether Anwar will or will not allow the police to take a sample of his DNA.

The brouhaha over Anwar is mostly a joke. But they get angry when they start to discuss how the country seems to grind to a halt with so much government focus being given to derail this one ambitious man.

And disgusted when talking about the joker in Terengganu who admitted that Proton cars are really lousy and if you can have Mercedes Benz paid for by taxpayers, why not?

And the perennial favourite, ketuanan this and ketuanan that, what was that for? If so geng, how come nobody wants to employ your university graduates? Ketuanan is just another word for big bully, isn't it?

My ears are burning and the collective anger has dampened my mood.

Buat Kerja, Pak Lah!!

Malaysian Inflation hits 7.7 percent, a 26-year high
Jul 23, 08 5:54pm

Malaysia's annual inflation rate jumped to a 26-year high of 7.7 percent in June due to a substantial rise in fuel prices, according to official data released today.

Nor Mohamed Yakcop, second finance minister, had already said that a 41-percent hike in subsidised fuel prices last month was set to boost inflation in June and July.

The figure came as something of a surprise as economists had predicted June inflation of 6.6 percent.


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