Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You call this a debate?

Rule no. 1 - you don't score brownie points with your audience if you keep hitting your opponent below the belt with personal attacks.

Rule no. 2 - keep your cool. It is not a pretty sight to see someone frothing from his mouth. In fact, it is downright distracting.

This debate is interesting. I didn't know my opinion of UMNO could sink any lower until just now.

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Anonymous adrian said...

If u tot that was bad, wait till u read what the BN fellas gotta say in tomorrow's papers.

16/7/08 02:42  
Blogger azrulazmie said...

seems like the froth from his mouth was noticed by most people.. pity him

16/7/08 09:51  
Blogger LeeZ said...

Does he always do that ('foaming') when answering questions in Parliament???

16/7/08 10:57  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Adrian: Actually, it's funny the way those BN fellas choose to remain elegantly silent about this debate. On the other hand, I TOTALLY could understand why. LOL

Azrulazmie: I know, I know. If he had debated more intelligently than he did, perhaps most of us would not have paid much attention to that strange sight.

Leez: Beats me. Does he always like to beat around the bush & resort to personal attacks when answering questions in Parliament?

16/7/08 11:08  
Blogger Swinging 40 sumting said...

Maybe he could not help but i find it so disgusting .. menjijik.

16/7/08 13:43  
Blogger Barry said...

My summary of the debate is; DSAI is good and SC is bad. I mean what the hell SC was thinking when he started attacking personally to DSAI about demo la, tahun 1974 la, macam-macam. This is a debate pasal minyak la. I'm not pro to anyone but everyone knows who is the better presenter last night and it certainly is DSAI. His speech is clear and straight forward not like SC.

16/7/08 14:10  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Swinging 40: I kinda kesian him a little bit on that ...

Barry: From what I perceive, I think the info ministry had a different agenda in agreeing to the "debate" and on that score, SC (on behalf of the govt of AAB) did get to say what he wanted to say to his audience.

16/7/08 20:45  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

hahaha... I thought many didn't observed the frothing.

Shabery failed badly because he deviated from the subject topic and spent most of his arguments on character assassinations and abou the past without any attempt to discuss about the present and the future role of the govt in this fuel issue.

16/7/08 21:41  
Blogger Helene said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

17/7/08 11:39  
Anonymous anak merdeka said...

I totally agree with you Mave! You know, when I was watching the debate, all I could concentrate on was Shabery's mouth when he started going off tangent.

At first, I thought someone did a bad job with the lip gloss. (??!) Then, I realized it was actually something else. (OMG!!)

Yeah ... it really was THAT Bad!! LOL

17/7/08 11:48  
Blogger Kenny Ng said...

I just manage to watch part of it via youtube, it's quite obvious to see who is losing.

22/7/08 01:35  
Blogger Helen said...

Were BN silent about the debate? Hell no lar.. Immediately after the debate they were already busy congratulating each other on their victory. Muaharhahrhar I watched the debate analysis on Hello Malaysia (Astro 502)I almost puked when callers were calling up telling the show how convincing Strawberry Cheek was. By the way the callers were sucking up to the ministers, I bet it's their own people making the phone calls. lol

22/7/08 19:29  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Kenny: We are actually the real losers in this petrol thingy ...

Helen: I had in mind the "elegant silence" of peeps from MCA, MIC and Gerakan. It's like they couldn't care less anymore.

As for UMNO's agenda, you & I know how these folks like to "masuk bakul angkat sendiri". I didn't watch Hello Malaysia but I could imagine how noisy the sucking noises must be. ;-D

23/7/08 07:31  
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