Thursday, May 08, 2008

A mom's pleasure

Guess what these are?

The bottom layer

The top layer

The carrier

It's my kids' lunch boxes!

My kids love it and it makes them look forward to days when they had to stay back in school for extra classes or co-curricular activities. Plus, it's also something I thoroughly enjoy doing.

The bottom layer is where I pack dessert, yoghurt and extra drink for hot days. The top layer makes up their main meal. It could be a home cooked meal, noodles or in this case, sushi!

Most of the time, they get to name their choice a day earlier although there's no guarantee that it's what they'll get. Well, ... actually, I want to keep an element of surprise for them which makes their day all the more interesting! On special days, they even get a note or card from mom. :-)

These lunch boxes are the envy of my kids' classmates because none of their friends ever have anything like it. Most of them had to make do with canteen food. Which is why I try to pack extra chocolates and tell them to share some of the dessert if they can't finish it themselves. My son tells me that it is hard for him to refuse the girls who often surround him asking for a piece of this and a piece of that - especially on sushi days! But I suspect he dishes them out generously because he really enjoyed being surrounded by the girls. ;-)

I know my efforts make my kids feel special because they proudly told me so. They feel like a million dollars whenever mom makes her appearance at the classroom door with their lunch boxes.

So, what makes this mom happy? Nothing much really, as long as the kids are happy, healthy and safe.

I know this Sunday I'll get hand-drawn cards from them. And they'll wish me Happy Mothers' Day. But frankly, for this mom, I'm grateful to be given a chance to be a mom. The pleasure's all mine, all mine ...


I might not be able to update my blog regularly for a while due to busyness. But I'll try to ...

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Blogger zewt said...

is there a way to tell your kids to give you a big kiss this sunday? :)

8/5/08 22:48  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

You are truly a great mum; I really admire such a wife.

8/5/08 23:35  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Zewt: How about giving this mom a big kiss instead, huh? LOL ;-)

Mave: And I heard from ppl who have met you in person that you are truly a nice guy who knows how to crack a good joke. I like nice guys who crack me up, so this makes me an admirer too .. heheh!

Have a jolly nice weekend, guys!!

9/5/08 08:49  
Blogger mumsgather said...

Ooh! That looks so good. Can I have some? Happy Mother's Day to you!

9/5/08 09:21  
Blogger Helen said...

So nice lar!!!

Got sushi roll summore. Your children are indeed blessed to have such a great mom. :-)

Damn, you put me to shame lar...

9/5/08 11:49  
Anonymous adrian said...

Where to find a woman like u arh? :P

Children remember these things. When they're older, they'll talk about the lunch boxes mom used to make them and it'll put a smile on their face.

9/5/08 13:38  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

MG: Happy Mother's Day & Happy Anniversary to you too! Hope you have a lovely double celebration this weekend. :)

Helen: No lar .. I'm not that great a mom - I actually put up these pictures because somehow food pictures and blogpost about my kids generate more comments from my readers. Heheh .. I'm so shameless .. LOL

Adrian: Psstt ... tell you a secret because I know you also want to be a super daddy to your kids. ;)

Memories of childhood are the most powerful connection adults have of their growing up years and their ties with other family members. As parents we have this small window of opportunity to create them before they turn into rebellious teenagers.

I will try my best to create wonderful memories of childhood for my kids so that whatever happens in future, they will have something beautiful to remember me by.

Or alternatively, something to make them feel guilty about if the situation warrants it ... LOL :D

9/5/08 15:53  
Blogger QuaChee said...

wow sushi to school! :) u deserve em cards :)

20/5/08 18:11  

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