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17 questions on National Service

Blogger 7th Rangers has raised some very interesting questions about the National Service which I feel ought to be circulated so that hopefully, some MP will pick this up and help us get some answers.

Questions that need to be asked in Parliament, for the 29 elected reps who have yet to submit any questions ...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Apparently some of our elected representatives have yet to submit their questions for the first Parliament sitting since the 12th general elections. There seem to be twenty nine of them who seem lost and do not have any questions. Well, some of them may be first timers and may be depending on their colleagues to keep Parliament occupied. Or they might not have an inkling on what they have to do. So give them time.

We have seen cases of "bocor", close one eye and tunnels, so one can never be too careful. Maybe they do not want to follow those "icons" of sleaze and crudity, before their time. Or maybe they do not want to spew forth the words racist, racist, say it for around 40 times!

Here are some very good questions of public interest that could be used by these 29 who are lost for questions. Feel free to use them, no charge.

The suggested questions are:

1. How many deaths have occurred in National Service camps and out of camps to date, inclusive of trainers?

2. Who are the cronies ... oops the contractors involved in the upkeep of the camps, the food caterers, the uniform suppliers, the transport suppliers, sanitation contractors etc etc?

3. Any of these cronies ... oops what's wrong with me ... related or linked to UMN... oops again politicians?

4. How many Ministers' children/grandchildren have attended NS training?

5. If exempted, why?

6. Can it be made compulsory for all Ministers' children/grandchildren to attend NS training?

7. How about scrapping the whole National Service program and utilising the money for education scholarships?

8. What is the racial composition of the crony ... oops and double oops contractors ? Give the numbers.

9. How many brawls have there been in NS camps between the racial groups?

10. How many rape cases have occured which the public is not aware of since the inception of this program involving both female and male NS trainees/instructors?

11. How many more deaths are required before this NS farce is shutdown?

12. Has any Minister's child died so far?

13. How frequent are the audits?

14. Do the audits cover the following:
  • a. Food hygiene
  • b. Camp hygiene
  • c. Water hygiene.
  • d. Garbage disposal and frequency.
  • e. Equipment audit.
  • f. Proficiency of instructors.
  • g. Safety. Which certified group conducts and how frequently.
  • h. Religious freedom, are places catered for the various faiths, if none ... alternatives ... I have run out of ideas, feel free to continue ...
15. There have been around 22 deaths, no one is yet to be made accountable, why is that so? Is it due to the indemnity certificate?

16. Why do parents have to sign the indemnity certificate absolving the National Service administrators of blame before a participant attends training? Which is ... in the event ... so and so is not responsible or we are not responsible ...

17. What is the outcome if the parent refuses to sign the indemnity certificate?

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Blogger H J Angus said...

cik amoi
I nominate you as Chief for the NS Scheme!

Only now they are talking about health checks for trainees before the camp.

30/4/08 00:06  

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